Total number of hits on Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole as of April 19, 2014: 46,659.

This website has been around since maybe 2005, and the blog since January 2009.  I first started tracking them with Google Analytics in February 2011, so there have probably been many more hits than that.

The most popular pages are:

Clotel: 3,575

Breaking the Power of Narcissists: 3,283

NVLD: 3,182

The Difficulties & Rewards of Breaking Ties with Narcissists/Borderlines: 2,230

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: 1,495

Losing Your Best Friend: Or, Narcissistic Webs?–Dealing with Abusive Friends (My Story of Psychological Abuse): 1,386

Slapping Kids Upside the Head Causes Traumatic Brain Injury: 1,354

Wasted Years Spent Mourning a Narcissist: Reclaiming Our Lost Selves and Thriving: 820

Hitting Kids Upside the Head is ABUSE: 748

How DARVO could prove which of us is telling the truth: 557

How to Deal with Narcissism in the Church: 540

Defanging the Narcissist: 463

Catching FLEAS from narcissists and abusers: 442

Triggered by Tonight’s Breaking Amish: Kim raging at Sabrina: Reminder of Cluster B Rages: 397

Tracy’s Reign of Terror (Index): 352

Life at Roanoke: My College Memoirs–September 1991 through May 1995 (Index): 314