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TOJET: Fairy Love Story

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THE LIGHTHOUSE: Gothic Story Collection

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Other Works on the Web–for Free:

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College Fiction:

The Last Night: Romance on a Rome-Like Planet (includes college revision and high school original)

Bryan and Shyeskol: An Earthling and Martian Love Story  (also see my Martian alphabet and pictures of Martians)

Pictures from my college comic strip about me, genie Zara, and Cleopatra

Goewin the Bard (story written for Celtic Roots class, final project)

The Romance of the Rosebud (Dream Vision Parody)


2001 Trip to South Dakota–and how we got chased by storm chasers

1999 Trip to San Francisco–Freaks and Buzzards

1988 Trip to Mammoth Cave–When the Lights Went Out Underground

2011 Trip to Tennessee–Land of the Appalachians

Opinion Pieces written before I had a blog:

Phariseeism in the Church

The Care and Feeding of Shy People

Bafflement about Thank-You Notes


When the Peanut Brittle House tried to kill me

The Burning of St. Louis Church distresses Fond du Lac


Eulogy to my Grandma

Memoir in Web-books:

Life At Roanoke (My College Memoirs)

A mix of good times, along with stories of verbally/emotionally/sexually abusive boyfriends–and probably some undiagnosed form of NVLD/Asperger’s.  How dark times finally gave way to coming out into the light.

They reflect 4 years of apparently dealing with a little-known learning disorder, without the benefit of knowing I had it.  It has caused difficulties.  But it also gave me certain abilities which helped with my writing and later jobs.

These memoirs are meant to entertain, to help young women avoid my relationship mistakes, and to show how I finally came through my relationship struggles triumphant.

Also note that while I still struggle with many things because of NVLD, I graduated college and have made a decent life for myself–the roots of which are in my college story.

What I’m Working on Now:

In the course of typing An Unwilling Time-Traveler, a novella I wrote in high school, onto my personal website, I revived my old passion for that story.  Ever since October 2015, I have been working on a full revision, which I hope to polish into a publishable novel.  The original was about a teenage girl abducted to Nazi Germany by a time-traveler; the new version has become far more complex.  The more I learn about that time period, the more intriguing becomes the character of the German time-traveler.  You can read about my revisions in my blog.