Upsi writes about how blogs are now helping victims of narcissists validate and support each other.  Such blogs have been exploding in recent years; we did not have these before:

I’m thinking today about readers like Insidesopen, who have a different story about the way narcissism has impacted their lives (she has an exNH), but tell me that they benefit from reading my story.

I know that I feel this way about other bloggers – even if the focus is an Nfather or Nsister or Nspouse, I learn so much from anyone willing to describe their experience.

The role is secondary to the underlying experience we all share: voiceless, confused, ashamed, blamed, and looking for some kind of peace.

For truth-seekers, hungry to heal and transcend the blindness and word-less-ness of pre-N consciousness, there is a growing world of forums like blogging on which we can exchange stories and learn from one another.  That is positively trans-formative.

The dark ages are over, let the light in.

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