Reblog on whether abusers are truly Christians: Repentance and Abuse: Real Repentance Bears Fruit

And this, once again, is why we insist that a person who is dominated and characterized by a mentality of power and control, of entitlement to what is essentially worship, who without conscience can enforce his power and control over others through the use of wicked means, is not and cannot be a Christian.

You can be sure that where there is no fruit of repentance, there is no repentance.  And where there is no repentance, there is no salvation.  The fruit borne by real repentance and faith always evidences itself in increasing holiness of life and in obedience to Jesus Christ as evidence of having been cleansed by His blood.

We have heard of pastors who tell abuse victims that they must regard their abuser as being a Christian, even though the abuser shows no repentance and his life is characterized by habitual evil.  Being baptized or having said a prayer to accept Christ or being a church member does not make anyone a Christian.

–From Jeff Crippen’s Repentance and abuse: real repentance bears fruit


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