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Defanging the Narcissist

From How to Make the Narcissist Powerless to Affect Your Life by Melanie Tonia Evans:

Have you been in a situation where you were completely obsessed, terrorised and emotionally crippled with the fear of what the narcissist was going to do next, and then your worst fears came true?

The smear campaign hit with maximum effect, the phone call to your boss discrediting you happened, and the threat the narcissist was holding over you was executed with ruthless intensity.


Have you ever had the experience of releasing the fear of what the narcissist could do to you, and instead focused on aligning with positive beliefs such as: No one has the power to control me or affect my life, and I am the powerful creator of myself and my happiness, and then as a result the narcissist could do nothing, and / or stopped terrorising you?

It seemed that effortlessly no-one believed the narcissist’s slander, the phone call to your boss was dismissed as garbage, and the threat the narcissist proclaimed to do never came to fruition.

Why yes, yes, I have.  To all of it.  Well, most of it:

1) Yes, I was obsessed, terrorized and emotionally crippled with fear of what the narcs (Richard and Tracy) would do next, and that they would carry out their threats.

2) Yes, they did just what I did not want them to do, forcing their presence on me because I told them to stay away.  Yes, they smeared me; first, in 2010 with Tracy’s Facebook post, then in 2012 when they told some friend I don’t know, lies about me.  Yes, they spoke to my priest before I had a chance to, saying who knows what.  Yes, they did follow through with their threats to show up at my church–but only partially.  They said they’d show up all the time, but they did not.  They threatened to sue, but did not.

3) I am working on releasing the fear.  I found a way to get away from them at last: By keeping up the blog no matter what they think, and then (when they changed Internet providers and I could block them without blocking everyone else with the same dynamic IP address) switching to self-hosted Wordpress.  It is a much better place, where I could block them at last–and without losing my Google rank or SEO.  As a result, the terror campaign of my stalkers has been greatly diminishing, turning into nothing, as the fear clears from my head and I see them defanged.

4) No one but their minion, “Chia,” seems to have believed their slander, that I’m aware of.   Rather, I have been believed by many, by the ones whose opinions were most important to me.  I have been believed by their ex-friend Todd and by others.  I have seen no evidence of my priest judging me adversely after my stalkers spoke to him.  They only came to my church a few times, then stopped; their threat against me never happened.

If they even tried to find somebody to take the case, nobody would because their threats were groundless and they have no way to pay for it when they lose.

Also, maybe they discovered that libel suits can take years and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, that their own lives would be poked and prodded into as well as mine as part of the process of discovery, and that the whole thing would be appetizing to the media because the lawsuit would be on the public record.

And all over a personal blog with no identifying details and no falsehoods, something millions of people use as a diary of their lives?

More from Evans:

If you dwell on, obsess over, have angst, fear, terror, panic or anxiety in regard to the narcissist in your life – over any topic whatsoever – the narcissist receives an energy feed, and powers up to throw back at you exactly the results of your fear and pain.

I cannot tell you how many clients I have worked with, as well as received reports from individuals starting the NARP Program, who initially were stuck in custody, settlement, and No Contact battles, and were so anxious, so consumed with Post and Complicated Traumatic Stress disorder and their inability to think straight and function, that their life was like a continual war-zone.

Their narcissist seemed like an unrelenting terminator, a dog with a bone, doing everything and anything to rip their lives apart.

I too have lived this experience exactly…

Sadly, it is synonymous with the normal narcissistic abuse experience.

But truly, it does not have to be this ‘normal’ way.

Part of my awakening to how to heal narcissistic abuse, was the understanding that the narcissist is a magnified manifestation of our fears.

Therefore if you have the ‘normal’ charges of fear, pain and distress running, the narcissist fuels up and hits you like a freight train.

But what happens, when the fear and pain shifts?



That’s what happens.

Truly…I am not kidding you. I have seen it so many times, there have been too many ‘coincidences,’ too many things fall into place for the person shifting out of fear, and too many narcissists who have fallen over, given up, and failed….

These miracles include every topic imaginable, such as property, children turned against the non-narcissistic parent, smear campaigns, intimidation and any other nasty drama that narcissists do.

Why is it property settlements are locked in battle for three years and then the narcissist signs the agreement one week after the shift happens?

Why is it children who have not spoken to the non-narcissistic parent for 5 years make contact to reconnect out of the blue after the shift occurs?

Why is it people who have been poisoned by the narcissist all of a sudden turn their back on the narcissist and seek allegiance with you when your pain is released on this?

Why is it the stalking, the terror campaigns and threats stop and never recommence after the fear has been transformed and replaced with safe and empowered beliefs?

I have not had a chance to read through this blog post yet, but it promises to be very helpful.

I have noted how setting up my Wordpress blog, blocking my narcs from it, and redirecting all my Blogger traffic here, has led, finally, to their presence on my blog ending.  They have tried to come here, but could not.

They appear to have stopped obsessing over getting on my blog; I have not seen verified evidence of their attempts, in (I believe) a month!  These are people who could not go two weeks without checking my blog!

I have not seen them at church since August.  I have not even seen them on the street since January.  I am starting to really believe the many empowering statements I have told myself over the years.  Life is getting back to normal!

I am free!

Dodging a Bullet: Friends of Narcissists Who Are Also Narcissists: Or, Discovery on Richard’s Friend Chris

So a few days ago, I remembered Chris, one of the friends from Richard’s circle who lived in my town and became my friend, too–until he unfriended me one day on Facebook.  This was after moving away and after my husband and I broke off relations with Richard and Tracy.

Chris had always seemed like a nice guy, and he agreed with me about child abuse.  I secretly hoped he would help influence Richard and Tracy to stop abusing their kids, when they saw I was not the only one who felt this way about slapping kids upside the head.  He is mentioned several times in my story which starts here.

I knew he was a political kook, into wacky extreme-right-wing conspiracy theories, and die-hard Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Tea-Partier.  His Facebook posts became increasingly politically paranoid and crazy.  But still, he seemed like a nice guy.

Our only link to him after he moved away was Facebook, and I had stopped chatting with him online like I used to, because he was so close to Richard.  So the unfriending led to losing touch.

I wondered what had happened to him in the 2 years since the unfriending (which had also led to my post Fighting the Darkness, as I wondered if Richard had turned him against me as he turned me and others against Todd).

So I Googled Chris.  To my shock, the very first hit that came up–with his real name and photograph, so I knew this was the same guy–was a blog post calling him a psychopath!

The post was on a blog for the anti-government community experiment, which Chris had left our state to join.  It was posted last September, several months after my stalkers found my blog.  The post was written by a guest writer, not the owner of the blog; the owner of the blog called Chris “someone of whom to beware.”

The guest writer, “Sherry,” titled it “Working With a Psychopath.”  (!)  Sherry wrote of her own experience with Chris; her husband, “Wayne,” had run for local office, and hired Chris as his campaign manager.

They soon became disturbed by Chris’ campaign tactics.  Not only do people in that area prefer clean campaigns, no mud slinging, unlike what my state allows from time to time–but Chris was accused of being pushy and aggressive while talking to voters.

One woman was so upset that she complained to Wayne, and was offended by how Chris derided the respected town manager.  There were more problems which I won’t detail here; Wayne tried to sort them out with Chris, but got shut out.

Chris directed Wayne to write a “letter bomb” (position paper) and give it to Chris for “tweaking.”  Wayne wrote a positive letter about what he planned to do; Chris turned it into mudslinging against the opposition and others in government.

Wayne refused to send this letter, said he would now run the campaign his own way.  Because Chris could not accept that, he relieved Chris of his duties.

Chris began a smear campaign against Wayne and Sherry to other campaign volunteers, and to the community using a “letter bomb” which alleged Wayne was “mentally unstable” and unfit for the office.

The same day he distributed this letter, Wayne, Sherry and volunteers were also out and about, campaigning.  Sherry wrote that Chris “decided that he would try to intimidate” them, by driving slowly past them four separate times.  She wrote, “Now, I’m no expert on the law, but I would say that’s borderline stalking.”

On election day, Chris drove around the polling places with a sign on his van reading, “Re-elect a SANE [official]!”  Then after the election, he kept going, smearing Wayne and Sherry to people in their community experiment, to people who had nothing to do with the campaign.

Sherry called him “a poison flowing into the veins of the liberty movement,” who needs to be cut out of it “before he can do real damage.”  She wrote that many others have ostracized him already.

Chris saw the blog post, and responded.  He posted a link to his side of the story and the “letter bombs” he wrote, but those no longer exist on the Web, so I could not review them.

Even though he had scathing words against the opposing candidate during his stint as campaign manager, he now wrote that the opponent “is a good man” and intimated that Wayne “is itching to create controversy and problems.”  He blamed Wayne for losing because he wouldn’t follow through with “the plan.”

In another forum, he again defended his actions, writing about doing what’s right, that it’s not “negative campaigning” but “telling the public the truth,” and accusing Sherry of “false statements,” but saying he wasn’t going to “waste” his “time” by explaining them all.

But–If Wayne was so terrible, and the opposition so much better, then where was Chris’ “honesty” in the condemning words he wrote/spoke against the opposition?

He also claimed to “have run two successful campaigns before this one.  My own and [another one].”  Wait–WHAT?  I just caught him in a lie: He LOST his own campaign!  I know because that campaign was here in my town in 2010!  How is that “successful”?

There’s more, too.  For one, he has a habit of not paying his taxes or court judgments, and still (from what I can determine from online court records) owes thousands of dollars for claims going back to 2007!

Also, back in 2005, he was accused on a web forum of being a con artist, trying to steal a certain long-established depository of files used by computer geeks (I can’t name or describe this further without making it possible for anyone to Google the depository and find his real name), and asking for donations to keep this depository running, which would actually go to his computer-based business.

He had no connection to this depository, which, by the way, did not go down, despite fears to the contrary.  He kept claiming he was being misunderstood, even apparently threatened a libel suit at some point, but his threat was laughed at.  And, well, when I reviewed all the posts I could find on the subject, whether he meant to con or not, it was very easy for any reasonable person to take it as a con game.

There is no question this is the same guy I knew, as his full name, location, and company name (which I recognized from an e-mail address and some information he had on Facebook), all matched Chris.  He posted other things as well, in an unrelated forum thread, which got people calling him clinically paranoid.

My husband pointed out that Chris’ website giving his side of the campaign story is completely gone from the web, no caches or even anything on the Wayback Machine.

Meanwhile the blog calling him a psychopath–with his real name and photograph–are still up.

Given how potentially libelous such a blog post would be if it is false, why is it still up while Chris’ website is gone?  Especially when Chris had threatened a libel lawsuit to the 2005 accusations of theft and conning (which are still on the Web as well)?

I also noted the similarities in his behaviors to those of Richard and Tracy:

1) Threatens a libel suit (for being accused in 2005 of running a con) even though nobody appears to have actually lied, and accuses a person (Sherry) of “false statements” while not bothering to explain them.  Not explaining what is false is considered by the Popehat blog as a mark of a false legal threat:

Third, remember my mantra: vagueness in a legal demand is the hallmark of frivolous legal thuggery. Mr. Overstreet does not specify exactly what part of the Yelp review is false. Bogus legal threats rarely do.

He intimates that Casey Movers is being criticized for following “federal moving procedures,” but does not explain.

If you look at Ms. Buckley’s review, and his response, you’ll see that she complained of the amount her parents were offered for compensation of damages, and Mr. Overstreet’s response explaining insurance rates — but you won’t see anything Mr. Overstreet has called out as a specific false statement of fact.

2) Drives past the former associate more than once, making that person believe they’re being stalked and intimidated.

3) Runs what appears to be a con.

I began to wonder a couple of things: Did Richard tell Chris about my blog?  Did Chris suggest a libel suit?  Did Richard (or Tracy, I couldn’t see the driver) not accidentally, but deliberately drive past me the second time, to match the intimidating behavior used by Chris to Wayne and Sherry?

In various places, I’ve read that the friends of narcissists are usually sycophants, innocent dupes under the spell of the narcissist, or narcissists just like them.  I always thought Chris was an innocent dupe like me, but now I fear he’s just as bad as Richard.  That not only do they match each other in political kookery, but in sociopathic behavior as well.

After all, how well did I really know the guy?  I never met him before Richard invited him to a party, and only saw him occasionally after that.

So my husband and I dodged a bullet when Chris unfriended us on Facebook.

[Update: So Chris has re-friended me on Facebook]

That Fateful First Date with Phil; Praying for the Buildings–College Memoirs: Life at Roanoke–December 1993, Part 1

Praying for the Buildings

Darryl and Julie had spent the last school year breaking up, getting back together, and being non-exclusive.  But now, Julie showed me a new diamond ring.  She had found her dorm door covered with balloons and the message, “Will you marry me?”

I told no one about it, thinking it was her job, and that maybe she didn’t want it spread around yet.  When Julie told my friends she was engaged, they wondered why I said nothing.  After I explained, they were impressed by my ability to keep a secret.  (You’d be amazed at what I haven’t told you in these memoirs because they’re secrets.)

(Julie and Darryl got married, converted to Catholicism, and then had a little girl.  Unfortunately, the marriage ended some years ago, but they are both remarried to others.)


My friends and I loved a certain article in the Mirror on December 7.  It described the various slang words young people were using across the country.

I apparently forgot all about the word “phat,” because in 1998 I thought it was a totally new, rap slang word.  Words we in the group actually used: probably “zone out,” “cheesy,” “verklempt,” “cool beans”; “bump” may have been used; probably “hook up” (as in start dating, not as in sleep with).

Other than that, we had our own words and phrases, which I record for you.


On the evening of December 8, Sharon, Astrid, Pearl, Clarissa and I went around to all the campus buildings (yes–you name it, we went to it, except the gazebo) praying for each one.  We started at about 6:30, and it took us three hours!  The prayers were for the people who used the buildings and for such things as the safety of the buildings.

I had the idea to have us pray for the campus, and Pearl figured out the application–In fact, she already had the idea before I mentioned it to her.  That made it seem like something God put in our heads.

It was dark and cold and took hours, but we did it, and were blessed for it, the few of us that there were.  I thought it made a difference, even if we couldn’t see it yet.

Pearl’s scooter, which would be plugged in each night, spent the whole evening dangerously close to running out of energy.  After we finished praying, we went to Krueger, where Ann would put it in the basement and plug it in.

It stopped just as Pearl pulled up!  God must have had a hand in that, making sure she could get all the way through our prayers and back to Krueger.

Also, when we prayed for the buildings, some were scary, such as Grossheusch and probably Old Main.  Awful things went on in Grossheusch, such as Pop Tarts and rapes and such, and everyone said Old Main had ghosts.

I got the idea of praying for the buildings after hearing of the séance held by Ruth and her students; if there really were ghosts or some kind of evil in that building, I wanted God to make sure they couldn’t harm anyone, and perhaps would go to their reward.  (I believe Pearl even prayed this at Old Main.)

This may have been the time we started doing popcorn prayers, in which there was no set order to who prayed, but anyone could speak up and pray a few lines after each person finished.  We would stand near a building and do this.

I don’t remember if we actually prayed for the smelly water treatment plant by Grossheusch, but we probably did, praying that it would work well and the pump would not blow up.  (We’d had quite enough of that!)

That Fateful First Date with Phil

One day, as Pearl and I walked across campus, we spotted Phil in his brown jacket, walking a short distance away.  I said how much I liked the way he walked, sort of a goofy rolling gait.

Pearl said, “You are obsessed!” and laughed.

Obsessed?  Huh?  Well–maybe a little.  But there was nothing wrong with that.  🙂

Pearl held another party somewhere around this time.  Phil and even Peter were there.  A whole bunch of people met down at the island on the lake at night and played games.

One game was Truth or Dare.  When my turn came up, Pearl said, “Tell us who you like.”  She, the rat, did this on purpose because Phil and Peter were both there.

I wish I could remember what happened, because it was very embarrassing and I think I managed to tell just enough to satisfy her and not too much.

It eventually got too cold on the island, so we went back to the Phi-Delt suite, though in the end the only people left were Phil, Pearl, a girl named Tammy from another college, Mike S, and me.

When I got inside, I took off my boots and sat on (yes, on) my stocking feet in a chair in the lounge.  Phil said to me, “That’s an interesting way to warm up,” but really, it was a much better way of warming up than keeping my cold, wet boots on.

We got into a discussion in the lounge on men and women.  Mike said he liked to hang around with Phil because they didn’t just talk about what stereotypical guys talked about, such as football.  He put his hands on Phil’s shoulder, and Phil grinned.

Pearl said to Phil, as his brother Dave had told her to do, “So tell us about your six girlfriends, Phil.”

Phil launched into a long narrative.  Some of the things here, he told me weeks later, but I put it all here anyway for clarity:

1–She broke up with him.  He says he never kissed her, though she claimed he did once.  (You really should know whom you’ve kissed.)

Much later, she came to a party where he was with his Vampire Friend Ivan (as he called a friend who liked vampires and dressed up like them for parties), and had to decide which one she wanted.  (Phil kept refusing to introduce to me to Ivan because he was always stealing his girlfriends.)

Phil handcuffed himself to a chair or table, made a fool of himself, and she went with Ivan.

She and Ivan later got engaged.  Once, when they went camping together, Phil could hear sounds of sex coming from their tent, even though they were both Christians and supposed to stay celibate until marriage.  Ivan was into weird stuff, like S&M.  Later on they broke up.

2–I forget how he met her, but he and Dave went to stay with her one night.  She took Phil onto a mattress on the floor, kissed him, and kept asking that he take his clothes off–his shirt, then pants, then underwear.

He went along with her at first, but finally refused at his underwear.  He’d gone from first kiss to almost going all the way, all in one evening, and thought this was way too fast.  Later, he found a sticky substance on the mattress, where Dave had slept, and wondered what exactly Dave did while he was there by himself.

The next morning, he’d already decided they didn’t belong together, but didn’t tell her.  They saw each other at school.

Now, when Phil described this situation at Pearl’s party, he said the girl didn’t accept the breakup, and for two months acted like they were still going out.  Pearl said, “oh- oh!”

But Phil told me later that he never told her they were over!  She didn’t know until they went to work at a summer camp and Phil met his third girlfriend.

He kissed girlfriend #2 while there, and got in trouble for it because he was a counselor and the camp didn’t want this behavior in front of the kids. (It’s a camp for the mentally disabled.  I believe Phil met Mike there, when Mike’s brother was there.)

He introduced #3 to #2 before #3 was #3, and #2 didn’t like #3.  Considering the breakup was news to her, this wasn’t surprising!  Phil wavered, wasn’t quite sure whom he wanted, but finally decided on #3.

3–This was a long-distance relationship, mostly by letter and/or phone, that lasted nine months, I believe.  It was a good one, probably because of the distance, but they both found other people.

4–Phil’s mom tried to fix him up with a friend’s daughter, but for some reason, he ended up with the friend’s other daughter, who, he said, wasn’t that nice.  He said he should’ve gone with the nicer sister in the first place.  They had tons of disagreements and broke up.

I guess Phil went to a friend’s house after a disagreement and/or breakup, and she called him up and said, “I bet I’ll find another boyfriend before you do!”  Of course she meant, before he found a girlfriend, but it didn’t come out this way.  He told his friends what she said, and they had a good laugh over it.

5–This was an older girl who already had a child, so Phil’s parents didn’t like her.  Eventually, #5 found someone else, and they broke up.

6–This girl was sixteen–and Phil was already eighteen or nineteen, and a freshman at college in Texas!  She was a S– girl, and I believe this was during a summer vacation.  I know it was right before he came to Roanoke, so it was probably the summer of 1993.

She also slept around before she ended up with Phil, dressed provocatively, and didn’t understand why guys kept treating her as a sex object.  Dave once tried to seduce her at a party, not to actually have sex with her, but to see how easy she was.  He told Phil how willing she would’ve been to go all the way.

Phil, who wasn’t dating her yet but liked her, felt bad.  When she and Phil began dating, she kept trying to get him to have sex with her, but he refused.

She thought he was the first guy to treat her well, and made this “I love you” sign that he still had on his door when I first came to his house as his girlfriend.  (After I saw it and, amused, asked what it was, he removed it.)

She also was into channeling; one night as they made out on the basement couch, she went rigid.  She was “channeling.”  Phil tried to carry her upstairs, but couldn’t, or else had a really hard time of it, because she was overweight and heavy.

I believe he broke up with her the next day because he couldn’t deal with this.  He’d also been told by a police officer friend that age 16 is not the Wisconsin age of consent any longer, eighteen is, so if he slipped up in any way, he’d risk jailtime.

Phil kept catching my eye all through his narrative.  I wanted to show him what a good girlfriend was like.  From the way he told it, it was rare for him to have a good girlfriend, and I knew I could be just that.

We all got into an engrossing conversation about men and women.  When we had to end because of the time, we agreed to pick it up again later.

It may have been at this party or another time when Phil and Mike tried to update Pearl and Sharon’s answering machine.  They did a Beavis and Butthead impression–I think Mike was Beavis–and said things like a surly “ho ho ho,” “Santa’s burned himself in the chimney,” “you suck” and “leave a message.”

It took them many, many tries to get it right because they kept either messing up or laughing.  Those of us who sat around listening could hardly keep from laughing, ourselves.  Finally, they got the message done, and that was that.  However, they forgot to say whose room it was.

In the days to come, the message caused problems: Some people thought they’d dialed up a room in Grossheusch instead of Pearl and Sharon’s, and some people were offended.  So Pearl and Sharon reluctantly changed the message.

After the party, Phil walked me back to Krueger.  He said I seemed pretty quiet; I said, “Yeah, usually, except when I get the chance to talk.”

He said, “Yeah, I did seem to talk a lot tonight.”


During Christmas at Roanoke, an annual celebration, I went to the Advent Candlelight Service in the Ley Chapel, after which was the Chapel Service Reception.  Phil, who sang in the Choir during the service, looked at me the same way he used to look at Pearl.  (Pearl didn’t want him, so that was no problem for her.)

He sat next to Tracy then, which may have made me a little nervous, but I thought little about it.  They were in Choir together, after all.  I knew Tracy from freshman year; she was the only other sophomore in the suites the previous year.  We knew some of the same people.

[This is NOT the Tracy described here.  Sociopath Tracy was only about 13 years old at this time and lived thousands of miles away.]

On the way downstairs with Astrid to get dessert and hot chocolate, I saw Phil by the stairs.  I had my hair up in a Victorian style: two braids wrapped around my head.  He said he liked it.  I said to Astrid at the bottom of the stairs, “And they say guys don’t notice that.”

Cindy had already told me in Krueger lounge that she loved my hair.  Phil’s compliment was even better, so I often wore it that way to please him after that.

While with Mike, Mike’s sister Wendy, and me, Astrid told us: “Phil did the Hanging of the Greens with me in the chapel.  He would hold up one of the pine branches in front of his face, then peek around it at me.”

During the reception, Phil sat with Tracy and some others in the Ley Chapel basement while Astrid and I sat with Mike and Wendy.  We drank hot chocolate.  Mike and Wendy left; Phil’s friends left; the chapel was mostly empty; Phil came over to sit with Astrid and me.

He sat beside me.  We all chatted, but had to stop because the Rev looked anxious to close up.  The Rev liked my hair and Astrid’s.  He held up Phil by talking to him, so we left alone.  I didn’t like that.


Pearl had another party before Christmas Break, but Sharon, me, maybe Astrid, and maybe Clarissa were stuck in the RC-CAB room for much of it, working on IV posters.  This may have been when we did the display case.

While we were still there, the people at her party called us at least once to joke around with us.  Mike and Phil spoke to us in German and Spanish.  We wished we could be there at the party.  I especially wished it because Phil was there.


On Tuesday night of finals week, when my first two finals were done and I had only one left (on Friday), we all got together again to finish our conversation about men and women.

I put up my hair the way it was for Christmas at Roanoke, and Phil noticed.  Mike couldn’t come; it was Phil, Pearl, Sharon, Tara, and me.  We talked only a little about the intended subject.

Then we went over to the Study Break in the cafeteria for some free food (probably ice cream), and met Astrid and her roommate Chloe.  I think Tara left.

We all played the cup game, as well as we could after teaching Phil.  He kept messing me up, since he was on my left and one chair over.

Derek, the young black man I met when eating pepper steak, the one who played a prince in Lion in Winter, heard us and yelled out, “No, Phil, don’t let ’em teach you the cup game!”  Once, after I came back from the bathroom, Phil was saying something about hair.

Study Breaks were popular on campus during finals week: The cafeteria held them on a designated evening and served ice cream.

We went back, the four of us, to continue our conversation.  (Sharon kept nudging me and saying, “Here’s your chance!  Go get him!”  I kept pushing back.)  Pearl asked us each to describe our ideal mate.  What Phil said matched me perfectly; he later told me that that was his intent, though at the time I thought it just meant I was what he was looking for.

Mine was incomplete because I had little time to think it all over, and because I didn’t want to be too obvious that I meant him.  I don’t remember what all I said, but I do remember saying, my ideal likes Doctor Who, doesn’t watch football, and has an interesting face.

To me, a cute face is not as important as an interesting one.  I have seen plenty of faces which are considered good-looking, but bore me just the same: mostly cookie-cutter or rugged looks.  I may also have said that I like weirdly funny guys.

During this party, we also listened to two of Pearl’s CD’s: Wide-Eyed Wonder and Circle Slide by the Choir (Christian alternative band).  I read the lyrics to their song “Robin Had a Dream.”  We used them to show Phil just how weird the Choir could get.

During our conversation, Phil said to us, as he and I sat on the floor by the closet doors, “Peter says Dave wants to get engaged to Pearl–” Dave’s girlfriend, not our Pearl–“at Christmas.  He’d better, or else I’m gonna steal her away from him.”

Though we laughed, I didn’t like this, and to tell the truth, it was both presumptuous and disloyal to his own brother (and did cause trouble later).  I didn’t think of this at the time, though.

Poor Pearl.  Phil and I kept rambling on together about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (he had the whole beginning memorized), Dr. Who, Monty Python, and a little of Star Trek: TNG and Young Frankenstein.

We drove Pearl nuts, especially when Sharon was out of the room and she couldn’t talk to her.  She told us not to say Dr. Who around Sharon, or else all three of us would be talking about it.

Then she and Sharon started whispering to each other.  I suspected it was about Phil and me.  They did it as revenge because we left them out of our conversation.  We got kicked out when we stayed a little too long.

Phil didn’t even ask to walk me back: He just did it.  We had a little conversation about the whole evening, and once he said, “I feel attractive.”

“What?” I said.

“I just said ‘depends.'”  (It was a reference to a party-night joke about Depends: do you really trust an underthing called “Depends”?)  At the door, I hesitated, not wanting to go.  I would’ve asked him in, but there were people in the lounge.

When we were about to part, instead of saying good-bye he stomped his foot and saluted me.  This was because I told him I was descended from King Henry, who, incidentally, was the king depicted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  Darryl and Melissa of the Octagon had saluted me once, too, possibly because of my ancestry (which included a whole line of kings).


Pearl told me on Wednesday that I should ask Phil out.  She said if I asked him that week, it should be for Thursday because he wasn’t worried about his Sophomore Honors final for Friday morning.

She gave me the number, and I borrowed Rachel’s phone book (we didn’t have one) to see what movie theaters there were in S–.  Sharon and Pearl thought I didn’t sound very motivated at dinner to do this, but I did want to do it.

There was only one theater, Marcus, in the whole phone book.  I called it and copied down some listings from a recording, then tried to motivate myself to call Phil.

Clarissa knew how nerve-wracked I was.  Calling up a guy at his home for a date!  Aaughh!  I told Clarissa to psyche me up, and she tried.

I discovered Pearl and Sharon were in Tara’s room next door, and said something to Pearl when she left.  She said to go ahead and call after 9 because “he’ll still be up.”  (But would his parents like someone calling that late?)

Clarissa started acting like I’d better call or she would be upset, and Pearl whispered to me as she walked away, “Call Phil!  Call Phil!  Call Phil!”

I had to, even though I didn’t know if he’d say yes or no.  I finally thought, “If I don’t call now I never will.”  I picked up the phone and dialed before I let myself think about it or chicken out again.

I called twice but he wasn’t there.  The second time I got cut off somehow before I could even leave my name: His dad answered the phone and said Phil wasn’t there.  I tried to leave a message asking Phil to call me back.  I said, “Do you want my number?”

But before I could give it, he said, “Hold on, I’ll get a pen.”

I waited.  And waited.  There was no beeping sound like you get when the other end has hung up and you take too long to hang up your own phone, and there was no dial tone, either.  It was just silence.

I sat there waiting and waiting–and waiting and waiting.  I sat there for what must have been at least five to fifteen minutes, waiting for Phil’s dad to pick up the phone and tell me he’d found a pen.

I kept looking at Clarissa in frustration.  I told her what had happened, and when still I didn’t hear him pick up the phone again, we were both mystified.

I finally hung up, figuring it was now hopeless.  (Maybe Phil’s dad put the phone down and forgot about it on his way to get a pen.)  I probably thought Phil would call Pearl, just in case she knew who called him.

So I was off the hook for the night, but my nerves weren’t.  I called Pearl to tell her he might call her instead.  Jennifer and her Mike were in the room, and Jennifer figured out whom I tried to call.

Pearl swore them to secrecy–Jennifer on her “little pinkie,” her Mike (at my request) on Jennifer’s toes (he was obsessed with them).  Pearl put a message on the board in Phil’s final exam room the next day, for him to call her.

I worked until 2pm the next day, when his test was.  It was December 16.  Pearl and Sharon had a Junior Honors study group at 1pm in their room.  The other students left a little bit after I arrived, since the studying was already done.

I started figuring out who and what to write my essays on, but didn’t get very far.  My nerves were a wreck because, when Phil called Pearl, she was supposed to act like she didn’t know what I wanted–without lying–and tell him I wanted to talk to him.  I thought, “It’s only a little after 2; would he be done with his test this early?”

The phone rang.  I jumped.  Sharon was right–and so was I–about who it was.  My stomach turned inside-out as I listened to Pearl talk to the caller.  Then she handed the phone to me.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  He said he finally got my Christmas card, which had been delayed.  (In the card, I wrote that he was a cool guy I wanted to get to know.)  I said I tried calling the night before, but got cut off.

Then I asked, rather calmly I thought, “Do you want to go to a movie tonight?”

Without hesitation, he said, “Okay.”

Here’s where the heart leaps and the stomach churns with joy.  We set up a time–6:50–and a movie, a 7:20 one according to Wednesday’s schedule, which I figured was Thursday’s too.

I said, “I can pay for the tickets.”

He said, “I can go along with that, if you have the money.”  He’d been Christmas shopping, but he wanted to pay anyway, at least for his.

We hung up; I reported to Pearl and Sharon; they were glad.  They asked if I’d kiss him; I said it was only the first date.  What if he wanted to kiss me?  I’d go along with it, I said.  After that, I was so happy and excited that it was easy to concentrate on Junior Honors and pick out characters and works.

Cast of Characters (Work in Progress)

Table of Contents

Freshman Year

September 1991:

 October 1991:

November 1991:

December 1991: Ride the Greyhound

January 1992: Dealing with a Breakup with Probable NVLD

 February 1992:

March 1992: Shawn: Just Friends or Dating?

April 1992: Pledging, Prayer Group–and Peter’s Smear Campaign

May 1992:

Sophomore Year 

Summer 1992:

September 1992:

October 1992–Shawn’s Exasperating Ambivalence:

November 1992:

December 1992:

January 1993:

February 1993:

March 1993:

April 1993:

May 1993:

Summer 1993: Music, Storm and Prophetic Dreams

September 1993:

October 1993:

November 1993:

December 1993:

January 1994:

February 1994:

March 1994:

April 1994:

Senior Year 

June 1994–Bits of Abuse Here and There:

July & August 1994:

January 1995:

February 1995:

March 1995:

April 1995:

May 1995:


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