Minnesota embraces health care law, regulates rates; Wisconsin disses law, lets market decide; guess who got the higher premiums?

The Gopher State is now enrolling individuals through its health-insurance exchange by the thousands and at health insurance premium rates that are among the lowest in the country.

Next door in Wisconsin, the numbers of Obamacare enrollees have barely hit the hundreds and premium rates are between 25 and 35 percent higher than in Minnesota. —Read whole article at Source


Reblog: Abuse Survivors–Please Share Your Story

This post from the blog “Is This Abusive?” encourages abuse survivors to share their stories, because

On more than one occasion someone has come to me because they heard or read my story a long time ago and became aware they were in an abusive relationship.

Those occasional moments made me realize how important it was for me to share my story.  It also made me feel, “My pain had a purpose.”

The author also writes,

When you break the silence I truly believe it loses it’s power….I am not a counselor, doctor or an attorney.

I am only expressing my personal experience from my point of view.  Some of my blog posts may be helpful and some are probably venting.

On this blog she also shares her own story of abusive relationships with her ex-husband and father.



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