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Neo-Nazis and KKK crawling out of their holes….

This is not just a problem in the US, but elsewhere as well, alt-right racist and xenophobic groups crawling out of the woodwork.

In the US, they’ve taken the election as their time to come out, but keep in mind that Republican leaders have denounced these groups.  Paul Ryan said they have no place in their party.

However, such groups have been growing in numbers around Europe.  This is a reason why EU leaders are freaked out by the election, because they fear his election will embolden the alt-right in Europe, and the EU will fall, leading to warring states again.

I remember the end of The Plague by Albert Camus:

And, indeed, as he listened to the cries of joy rising from the town, Rieux remembered that such joy is always imperiled. He knew what those jubilant crowds did not know but could have learned from books: that the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good; that it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen-chests; that it bides its time in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and enlightenment of men, it would rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city.

As I research my novel, I keep finding Neo-Nazis all over the Net.  They are just as bad as the ones from old Germany, but society keeps them under control.  Just as we keep the Plague under control with sanitation, good hygiene, and medicines, free societies such as ours keep this Neo-Nazi plague under control.  But we have to be vigilant, lest they rise up again and take over.

Just look at what the American Nazis wrote here:

I can only HOPE that deep down inside, Donald Trump IS as “vindictive and nasty” as he was charged with being during his campaign – ESPECIALLY by those REPUBLIRAT traitors who did their utmost to attack and smear their own Party’s choice of candidate, IF I was him, I would be considering a “Night of the Long Knives” on these political whores. With the Republirat Party now controlling BOTH the House AND the Senate, along with the White House, AND possibly THREE new seats on the Supreme Court, – they OUGHT to be able to push through ANY and ALL of Trumps promised agenda, from “The Wall” and Rounding Up and Shipping the illegals HOME, to repealing all the “Trade Deals”, as well as the Obama-Care fraud etc et al…

…IF he IS for “REAL” – I hope that he REPLACES each and every “security detail” that has ties to the “PAST” – with folks he KNOWS and TRUSTS. For IF Trump IS for REAL, and intends to “ROCK the BOAT” on the world of this REAL “Game of Thrones” crowd of scumbags – it will be DANGEROUS…

…NONE of this “oh, let’s kiss and make up, and all unite together for the good…” that the defeated are now prattling on the boob tube. These ANTI-WHITE bastards HATE our Folk, and seek to EXTERMINATE our RACE, and have done a pretty good job over the past decades DOING just THAT! We MUST – BEWARE – of all the “TROJAN HORSES” from the SYSTEM’S “Con-Servative” poison peddlers, who under directions of the Zog will start this “can’t we get along” for the good of the country crap. REMEMBER and NEVER FORGET – it has been the ANTI-WHITE sell-outs in the “right-wing, con-servative camp” working with the blatant ANTI-WHITE forces of the “Liberal camp” who have brought us to the point of where we are in this country, as well as around the entire world!

…Comrades, it’s only November – there is still plenty of time to DO OUTREACH – time to REACH with our NS message, EDUCATE these White men AND women who rebelled against the system’s status quo, and then to ORGANIZE them into POLITICAL SOLDIERS willing to carry on the political struggle for the 14 Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class!

Don’t let them win as they try to use this election as license to rise up, whether here in America or in other countries.  Let them know they’re not welcome here.  Instead of panicking at how they’ve been rallying up the past week, let’s make sure they don’t succeed at their objectives.  Make them crawl back into their holes!  This election just means we have to keep fighting.


Trump’s Election gives hope to Europe’s Far-Right

Der Spiegel articles cited here

For many years, I have been writing and speaking about the danger of the rise of an honest and charismatic ideologue in the United States, someone who could exploit the fear and anger that has long been boiling in much of the society, and who could direct it away from the actual agents of malaise to vulnerable targets. That could indeed lead to what sociologist Bertram Gross called “friendly fascism” in a perceptive study 35 years ago. But that requires an honest ideologue, a Hitler type, not someone whose only detectable ideology is Me. The dangers, however, have been real for many years, perhaps even more so in the light of the forces that Trump has unleashed. —Noam Chomsky


Shades of conservatism aside, the alt-right are cultural rebels and nationalists whose firmament is the Internet.
If defining them is hard, their political agenda is clearer. Liberalism is the dirtiest word, and its trappings — feminism, political correctness, multiculturalism, “social justice” — are to be resisted. The establishment is corrupt and full of political cuckolds, or “cucks,” who have failed America through their cowardice.
Below this, there bubbles a more insidious layer: white racial superiority, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim tendencies and a conspiratorial anger against the Jewish cabal that it claims runs the world.
…Last week, their “God Emperor” ascended the throne to raucous applause from his digital supporters. “We actually elected a meme as president,” wrote one centipede on 4Chan, echoing a feeling that somehow their digital campaign had swung it for Trump. Thousands delighted in the schadenfreude, sharing images of miserable-looking Clinton supporters. Thousands others turned their eye to the future.
…Dedicated forums for far-right candidates Geert Wilders (the Netherlands), Marine Le Pen (France) and Norbert Hofer (Austria) are in overdrive. “The American Meme Soldiers are here to help liberate France!!! Man your battlestations, fellow meme warriors!” goes one Reddit post. “Centipedes! We’re fighting on two fronts now. Get in there! Even if you don’t care about France, you need to care about stopping the liberal disease!” goes another. —





Took first chapter of my novel to Writer’s Club

Their response: “Wow.”

I was so nervous before I read it, almost wanted to just pretend I hadn’t brought it, hide it away.  As I read, I feared it was boring people, that they didn’t like it.

But then I finished and they said, “Wow.”  As in, a good wow.  As in, impressed.  A few helpful suggestions, but otherwise anxious to find out how the rest of the story is going to go.  It also excited the curiosity of our published author, who recently released a World War II novel.

Yes, this is the massive, complete rewrite of Unwilling Time-Traveler.  The reaction of the Club is encouraging, of course.  This story has filled my head for the past year, and still continuously drives me on.  I have to stop for a bit and read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, but the ideas keep spinning in my head.

I have to get back to research to help put the puzzle of the ending together.  I know where I want things to go, but there are some details about the war that I need to get straight first.  It’ll also help me smooth out some difficulties in the midsection of the novel.




Now I read that Trump is terrified and Obama has to hold his hand….

…and it has me far less concerned that Trump’s the next “Hitler” (which is a common theme on the Net lately), than that he’s just plain unsuitable.  I don’t think he’s smart enough to be a new Hitler.  I think he just said that stuff to get elected.  I think he’s too incompetent to be President.

Maybe he’ll resign and Pence will take over.  Not that I want to see Pence in power, either, but at least he has some governmental experience.  There are concerns that Trump will not actually govern, but his staff will do it for him, basically like a child who inherits the office of king but can’t possibly govern a country himself yet.  And this is not how our country is meant to be run, by shadow figures not accountable to the public.

Ach, what a mess this country is in!  The Electoral College was supposed to protect us from the blind stupidity of the populace, since the Founding Fathers did not trust us, but nowadays just seems to sign off on whoever the public votes for.  Making you wonder, what’s even the point of it?


A song that fits the times: “The World Today” by Blue Ocean Dream

I can’t believe the world today

When understanding is all gone

When respect has lost its meaning

And the Ego is raised high

Also, Trump finally addresses the concerns of the protesters:

There is some hope here–assuming, of course, that we can trust him, which remains to be seen.  Of course, rolling back abortion rights and Obamacare are still on the table, which are HUGE concerns.


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