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FAQ on stalker threat and is it past?

Okay, a few days have passed and the threat has lessened.  Some sleep, some getting back to the normal routine, and being with friends, has made me feel better.  So now it’s time to re-evaluate the stalker troll threat.

1. How did I know they were a cyber lynch mob?  Because they’ve been watching the Twitter and blog of a certain person they believe needs justice done to him, “S.”  Whether he does or not, I don’t really know.  I’ve heard his side of the story, but I’ve also heard the other one, from “M.”  But the speed of their responses, tells me they have been watching him like a hawk–stalking him.

There’s a lot of S-said, M-said, without real smoking guns for the most part, on either side.  I’ve seen no proper journalistic investigation done into this to prove anything, just what was said on a TV show in a genre which is known for being deceptive.

But I do know that the group of trolls was pursuing “justice” with cyber mob bullying instead of using appropriate means.

I do wonder if someone has been impersonating S on the Net.  This is only a suspicion, but it would explain some things.  Such things do happen now and then.

2. What kinds of things have the trolls been doing?  Not only had they been harassing S for months with non-stop disparaging posts on Twitter and his blog, but they had been doing the same to anyone they considered his friends–or even people who just asked questions of him on Twitter.

I had reviewed the history of their behavior, not just his own story of it, but by following a link he posted on his blog to his Twitter.  He invited readers to see what they had been doing.  I reviewed it for some time, not just how they treated him, but how they treated another person who claims to have actually met him.  I’d google S’s name and find hate sites and Youtube videos against him.

I also saw these people get blocked or their accounts shut down on Twitter, only to make new accounts.  I read how they were using proxies to get into S’s blog after he blocked them from it.  Again, these are all things which S wrote about on his blog and invited his readers to see for themselves.  Another reader went into detail in a comment about how disgusting the trolls’ behavior was.  She said there were thousands of harassing tweets from the trolls in S’s archives.

3. How did I know they were a threat to me–malicious, not just curious?  Because I had just posted on my blog a description of what they had been doing, that their behavior was at least as bad as anything they accused S of doing.  In my Statcounter, I saw them follow me from my Twitter to my blog.  My Twitter was brand-new, I only had one follower, and I could recognize her in my stats, so I knew it wasn’t her.  I also saw them poke into my posts about abuse, showing particular interest in certain ones.

4. How did I know the troll mob was following me to my blog, and not just people like me who simply wanted to know if S was telling the truth?  Because they made themselves known to me.  One posted a comment to me on Twitter which was not malicious at all, but did show she believed M and not S.  Why are you watching S’s Twitter (where I had just posted something, and drew their attention) if you don’t believe or like him?

Another posted a comment here on my blog which took a sweet memory I had of a friend, and twisted it into something dirty and shameful–and made it clear this person thought I was referring to the guy the trolls are after.  The comment made clear that they saw me as a new target.  Then this person subscribed to my blog, making it clear they were also going to keep an eye on me and make more harassing comments.

The following morning, I found a new “follower” of my Twitter: It was a brand-new account, looking just like the fake ones used by the trolls to harass S.  The profile description was vulgar.  Friendly people don’t have such a thing in their profiles.  This one was meant to harass me.

I found another profile today in my Twitter block list, another troll.  In the haze of the last few days, I don’t recall if this person followed me or made some disparaging comment to me, but it was enough to get blocked.

Another way I knew: I began blocking anyone who came to my blog from Twitter, because I knew what brought them here.  Yet even after I blocked them, they began using proxies, instead of quietly going away.  (This is similar to the behavior of my narc ex-friends, as well.)  This is the same thing the trolls had already been doing for months to S’s blog.

When I installed proxy blocks, the same people began going into the Google cache and Wayback Machine.  Those hits were not actually on my site, so I couldn’t block them, but the recorded pages still included code which transmitted data to my statcounters.  I could see the trolls were sharing pages with each other.

5. But can they really do anything malicious to me?  At first, I thought they could.  But I do not use my real name or picture on my blog.

After a few days of collecting IP addresses–DOZENS of them–I have turned off the blockers.  They were effective, but all those IP addresses in my .htaccess file seemed to turn the site a bit googly.  Instead, I put the IPs into my comment blacklist.

Not just the WordPress blacklist, either: No, they don’t go into the spam folder or the trash bin.  I use a spam blocker plugin which sends all spam and blacklisted comments straight into oblivion.  This is even better than Akismet, because I never have to see any of them.  😀

I could mention a couple other things, but that might give them ideas.  But I have a couple of means to keep such things from becoming threats.

THAT INCLUDES CALLING THE POLICE.  I HAVE THEIR IP ADDRESSES AND COMPUTER INFO.  One even graciously provided her name and e-mail address.

Yeah, they’re still watching.

UPDATE 2020: I have proof that Sam is who he says he is, so the trolls can pound rocks.  He’s opened up more online publicly and to me.  I will NOT post private proofs here because it’s his business only to post these things and I will not violate his trust.  But publicly he now has a podcast with his girlfriend (who I’ve verified is a real person–and that she has visited him).

Reblog: Lynch Mob 2.0

From this post by Steve Moore:

A mob, Young observes with considerable insight, is a group of fools and cowards. … Mobs rape, they lynch, they immolate, they beat, they terrorize, they loot, and they laugh. … And they are on the Internet.

…Mobs are senseless. They are the very definition of “insanity.” They exist in a world where all reality is—at least for a time—abandoned. They therefore tend to attract the senseless and the emotionally damaged.

They are bent on “justice” and will stop at literally nothing to get it. Every mob, however, defines “justice” for themselves. Hence, lynchings. Justice for mobs usually consists of vengeance or bile spewed on people they hate—frequently for irrational reasons.

If the justice system under which a group lives does not deliver the verdict, the penalty, or the speediness the group requires, a group of people who perceive that they have been wronged or disenfranchised can transform into a mob in an instant. It doesn’t matter to a mob what is truly right, what is legal, what is actually true, what is important or what is sacred.

…Trolls are vigilantes.

…Internet mob trolls guard their identity with their lives. Why? Because their lives would change forever if their secret hatreds were made public.

…Another Internet mob targets Amanda Knox for the same reason as did Leyland with Kate McCann—they believe her guilty, regardless of the evidence, and believe they, as Brenda Leyland said, are “entitled” to exact revenge.

…Amanda Knox haters frequently defend themselves by saying that they are fighting for the victim, Meredith Kercher, who was 19 when she was raped and her throat cut by a known burglar.

…People who send or re-transmit 25 – 100 angry, abusive social messages a day, (especially if to the same group of people) regardless of how right they believe their cause, must come to grips with the fact that they need help.

…Finally, if you are attacked by anonymous trolls, know this: They are afraid of you. If they weren’t, they would not hide their identity. Take comfort in the knowledge that they fear you, and they live in the shadows because they are terrified that one horrible day, they may be exposed and have to take responsibility for their words.

These are just snippets of an excellent article on Internet mobbing, by Steve Moore.




This wave of stalkers came pretty late.

I posted much the same stuff I posted here, on the alleged “catfish”‘s blog MONTHS ago.  My site URL is in my WordPress gravatar, which was used there.  The trolls troll his site constantly, yet they ignored me back then.  I got hits occasionally from my gravatar, but they just acted like curious visitors, nothing malicious.

The alleged “catfish” recently pinned a months-old post which included my comment on the trolls.  Not just me, but another reader posted at length on how disgustingly obsessed the trolls have been.  But still, no attention from them to me.  And they did not appear to say anything to the other reader.

I also posted a bunch of things on the blog months ago, asking questions and trying to figure out the truth.  Yet the trolls ignored me.

I also posted the same things here on my blog months ago.  Yet they ignored me.  I thought they found it once, but the alleged catfish said the visitor IPs on my blog did not match theirs.  I eventually removed the post.

Now, all of a sudden they come at me and make me public enemy #1.

A person really should expect to have the right to post personal opinions about a TV show or anything else going on, whether on the Net or in real life, without some troll mob coming at them and terrorizing them.

This is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas.

I should be able to speak my mind without fear.

Just as I have done for the most part on this blog for years.  Well, except when Richard and Tracy found it, and threatened me over it.  But that was years ago, and they never carried out their threats.  Now I just see them as that familiar visitor occasionally showing up in my stats, and don’t care at all.

Things like me being stalked and terrorized just for saying I see bad things happening over here, and it bugs me–This should not happen.  This is America, not some dictatorship.

I should be able to write about my life, my experiences with abuse, my struggles learning how to deal with the pain, my rising above it, without worrying that some crazed mob will use it for their own amusement just because I said something completely unrelated that they didn’t like.


This is bullying.  And just like the typical abuser, when you call them out on it, suddenly they’re determined to destroy you.

Gee, my readers, where have we seen THAT before?  Sound like your relatives, or your ex, or your former friend?  Sound like certain narc blogs or forums?

I keep my post up because I don’t want these people to think they can intimidate me into silence.  Because far too many people throughout the years have thought they could screw with me and I wouldn’t fight back.

Because I see in them exactly what we’ve been fighting against for years on our abuse blogs.

This is one of those cases where the ones who claim to want “justice” have become what they hate, and have turned into abusers themselves.

UPDATE 2020: I have proof that Sam is who he says he is, so the trolls can pound rocks.  He’s opened up more online publicly and to me.  I will NOT post private proofs here because it’s his business only to post these things and I will not violate his trust.  But publicly he now has a podcast with his girlfriend (who I’ve verified is a real person–and that she has visited him).


Switch to troll mocking

Screw fear.  I actually have a life.

Unlike my trolls.

Switch to troll mocking 1

Anyone who spends all his/her time scanning through somebody’s stories of abuse, looking for something to laugh at, deserves to be mocked.  And yeah, I see you guys doing just that.




I saw the trolls combing through my posts on sexual abuse

These stalker trolls are combing through my posts about sexual harassment and guys who sexually abused me.  I discovered this in my stat records.

They’re looking at my posts about sexual harassment, sexual abuse from exes, and manipulation by my ex-friend Richard (who has absolutely no relation to their alleged catfish, though one troll sent me a jeering message suggesting that it was the same person).

I’ve already gotten a disparaging comment from one of them, and another followed me on Twitter for the obvious purpose of harassing me.  This tells me they are NOT looking at the stories with sympathy or empathy like most people would.

They’re getting their jollies from my stories of abuse.



This is a vigilante group which claims to be getting justice for the victims of an alleged catfish.  Except I’m neither that catfish, nor a victim of him/her.  As far as the catfish is concerned, I’m nobody.  They have attached themselves to me anyway.

They have also attached themselves to lots of other people in the past several months.  You can find them in the tweets and replies on this guy’s Twitter.  There are THOUSANDS of harassing messages not just to him, but to others, anyone who is friends with him or even just talks to him.

Let’s shine the light of day on these cockroaches.

UPDATE 2020: I have proof that Sam is who he says he is, so the trolls can pound rocks.  He’s opened up more online publicly and to me.  I will NOT post private proofs here because it’s his business only to post these things and I will not violate his trust.  But publicly he now has a podcast with his girlfriend (who I’ve verified is a real person–and that she has visited him).