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Date: August 13, 2017

To All Nazis: Crawl back into the shadows where you came from.

The world fought a war to get rid of you.  There are still those alive who remember.  And even though most of us were not born yet when it happened, we also remember.

America does NOT belong to you.


On current events….

I haven’t been blogging about politics much lately.  I do, however, often comment or retweet on political matters on my Twitter, https://twitter.com/nyssathehobbit/.  There’s just too much going on, I don’t want to turn my blog into all-politics, and I’m trying to focus my writing efforts on my novel at the moment.  I often work on my book for a few hours a night, and let’s face it, posting on Twitter is much quicker and easier than writing a blog post about everything that happens.  😉

So if you want to know what I think about current events, you can follow me on Twitter.  (Yes, stalkers, that’s you, too, if you behave yourselves.  😉  )  You can also keep up using the Twitter feed I post on my blog here.

I also have an author Twitter, focused on my books and writing:  https://twitter.com/NyssaMcCanmore.  I had been neglecting it, but I’m trying to get it going again.  You can also see the Twitter feed on my writing blog, here.


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