Articles from November 2022

Another day, another win for Democracy

Just a quick note to celebrate that Americans have been showing up and voting for Democracy.  Not everybody–Ron-Anon is still our senator, and Dems didn’t even give us a candidate against Crazy Grothman–but the “normies” laughed in the face of predictions of a Red Wave.

Of course, as soon as the Senate was called tonight, “Democrats Cheat” started trending on Twitter.  Sore loser snowflakes with their MAGA tears!

My mood about the country has significantly improved in the past week.  It started out in gloom, and ended with Dems keeping control of the Senate, and winning too many seats in the House to allow a GOP majority to just do whatever the heck it wants.  I’ve been in the dumps since 2016, worried about the wacky right-wing turning my neighbors and loved ones and friends into Pod People, worried about the country moving farther along the road toward our own American form of fascism.

But the American People said NO.

No to Trump in 2020.  No to Trump’s picks in 2022.  The normies want him gone.  They’re sick of him.

What also helps is that Elon Musk is getting so thoroughly spanked on Twitter.  That also worried me for a while.  But 1) Twitter is way too unruly for a guy like him to step in and dictate, and 2) there are other options.  I have accounts on Mastodon and Counter Social now which are at least as active as my Twitter ever was.

Musk tried to take away the meaning of the blue checks, only to have God, Jesus, Martin Luther, a bunch of Elon accounts, TesIaReal, alternate politicians, and alternate corporations start trolling–all with blue checks.  Now his little blue check venture has been halted.  The exodus of both advertisers and users, and the rules of various countries where Musk wants Twitter to keep operating, have proven that you can’t just let it go unmoderated to please the MAGA trolls.  Musk has screwed up so spectacularly with Twitter as to make you wonder if any other company has been damaged so bad so fast.

I’m still on Twitter for now, waiting to see if Musk’s fever dream will soon pass as reality hits him.  But my Mastodon and Counter Social accounts are staying up.  I’m Nyssa the Hobbit there, too.