We Must Not Exploit Survivors and Their Stories
24 November 2021 | 8:38 pm

When we start marketing the stories of survivors for personal gain, we are no longer supporting survivors, we are exploiting them.

Religious Power and Control: Economic Control
1 November 2021 | 6:45 pm

Economic control is a tactic used by abusive leaders or groups to maintain power and control over their members.

Julie Anne Gets Personal about the Silent Abuse of Domestic Violence: Emotional and Spiritual Abuse
2 October 2021 | 12:04 am

While I was reporting on abuse in the church in 2012 on this blog, this is what I was living in my home. And while I was sharing stories of domestic violence, including emotional abuse and spiritual abuse here, I was connecting with these stories in a personal way, weeping, and knowing one day, I'd be telling my own story here. The time is now.

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