Suicide Is Not The Answer
9 January 2022 | 8:28 pm

Silence kills. This post came up in my Facebook memories today and I thought it worth sharing again. As some of you know my ex made a reappearance recently and left some very angry comments on the blog. Of course, they were full of lies and false accusations, as is typical of all narcissists, if […]

24 December 2021 | 7:18 pm

It’s that time of year again when someone with a broken heart feels like they are the only person who is alone. Its the time of year everyone gathers with family members and tries to create a magical Norman Rockwell Christmas. Social media is full of people’s pictures of their perfect and happy children in […]

Farewell Message To Everyone
14 December 2021 | 6:02 pm

This November marked 12 years since I left my ex. I have struggled to get my life back and have some peace in my life. I have not contacted him in anyway in 11 years. But every few years he has to try to fuck up my life. I have had better things to do. […]

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