As QAnon swirls down the drain….
24 January 2021 | 9:40 pm

I see the posts from a former narc blogger still finding signs everywhere that QAnoners should keep “trusting the plan.”  Everything she writes is a ridiculous break from reality, but she continues to give pep talks and claim that Trump … Continue reading

Characteristics of Cults
28 December 2020 | 8:44 pm

This is a really good video about cults (something it’s good to know about in 2020) and the narcissism and sociopathy inherent in cult leaders.  The parallels to Trump and the Trump administration are uncanny. Please leave comments on the … Continue reading

Everywhere at the End of Time…Part 2 (my reactions)
27 November 2020 | 1:30 am

(Continued from Part 1) All artwork illustrating the stages of dementia are by Ivan Seal. Yesterday I gave you a bit of background about Everywhere at the End of Time, a  musical and artistic masterpiece by “The Caretaker” (James Leyland … Continue reading

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