How to use GitHub Desktop and XAMPP to review PRs
7 October 2021 | 8:48 pm

In previous GitHub Desktop tutorials we showed you how to submit a pull request (PR), so you could start contributing to the development of an open-source project such as ClassicPress. Once you are comfortable with this concept, the next stage in contributing is to start testing and reviewing other PRs that have been submitted. An […]

Using the Update Manager to handle updates
20 September 2021 | 12:22 am

Anyone developing a CP-specific plugin needs to be aware that (for now) it’s the developer’s job to process the updates. There are a number of ways to handle this, but the most widely used method is via the Update Manager plugin. This was specifically written for ClassicPress by John Alarcon (Code Potent) after other options […]

ClassicPress Usage Report – September 2021
18 September 2021 | 5:59 am

One of the most frequently asked questions about ClassicPress is “how many websites are using it?” It’s a fair question. As the predominant fork of WordPress and the best way to keep the Classic Editor as the standard editing option for the foreseeable future, everyone is curious how many people are using ClassicPress. After combing […]

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