About That Upcoming Birthday
9 January 2022 | 7:02 pm

I was reminded recently that conventional wisdom has no inherent connection to reason or fact, or even to simple math. Over the span of a few days I ran across several individuals on social media who were talking about upcoming milestone birthdays, and as is often the case those impending dates were being viewed with […]

Happy Copyright Notice Update Day!
1 January 2022 | 6:27 am

As hard as it may be to believe — or perhaps not, depending on the toll 2021 took on you and yours — it is once again that time…. While you have been holding the fabric of the universe together solely with the psychic force of your formidable will, yet another calendar year has slipped […]

Wrist Seams and Typing Discomfort
7 November 2021 | 11:31 pm

Whether you consider yourself an aspiring, practicing or recovering writer, or are emotionally enmeshed with same, one perquisite which greatly appeals to many wordsmiths is the socially sanctioned synergy between creature comfort and presumed performance. Where pajama pants and a baggy T-shirt would be inappropriate for an attorney or banker, that ensemble not only ensures […]

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