And Today Was a Good Day….

Holy Week has begun.  Every day has at least one service, sometimes two, until Easter finally arrives on Sunday, May 5.  Yes, it’s quite late this year.

Today was Palm Sunday, and we had a fish luncheon after church.  Lots of people were there; sometimes it’s better attended than even the midnight Easter service.

Then we had another service a few hours later, the Nymphios service, though few people came for that.  It’s a beautiful day after a long wait for spring weather to begin; I rode my bike to/from the Nymphios service.

I have been developing the church’s new website; it, provided for us free from the archdiocese and with a professional-looking template, is both gorgeous and awesome.  I make sure it’s full of the information I kept longing for in our old website, which has been defunct for a while.

And it’s already getting positive remarks from parishioners who have seen it, and from people from other places who have found it and commented to the church about it.

I loaded it up on my cell phone at church; one of our especially pious ladies (from the Old Country) saw the icon of Christ on the screen, and kissed it.  “Mom!” said her daughter.  LOL

My stalkers appear to have lost interest since I began redirecting traffic to my new blog, and finally blocking them at the server level.  They also haven’t been to my church since last August.  The church website has given me purpose and intellectual stimulation.  The clouds seem to be clearing from my head along with the cold of the winter.

By the way: I recommend the plugin Search and Replace if you have to change your WordPress server.  I just switched from my previous, free server to a paid server, because the free server was giving me far too many headaches, with constant downtimes where I couldn’t get into my blog, others couldn’t see my blog, etc.

(Update 10/25/17: You can also use Better Search Replace.  I use a combination of both, depending on my needs at the time.  Though I see that Search and Replace has not been updated for a while, while Better Search Replace has.)

I just want to set up my Blogger redirect to the new blog and forget about it, not keep checking to see if my new blog is up, and then turning off the redirect on the old blog while the new blog is down.

I feared this would mean hours/days of fixing all the internal links in my posts, because that’s how long it took when I switched from Blogger to WordPress.

To clarify, I often link from one post to another; when I changed servers yesterday, all those links, in more than 400 posts, had to be found and redone to read “” instead of “”

But then I heard about the WordPress Search and Replace plugin.  This obviously won’t work if you’re moving from Blogger to WordPress.  But if you’re just migrating your WordPress blog from one server to another, and keeping your permalinks in the same structure, with this plugin, updating all those permalinks takes two seconds!

Yet again, today was a good day….