And wave to the stalkers….

It’s almost become a game: Will the stalkers come today?  What will they read?  Will they show any interest at all in my posts about NVLD or my college memoirs or the rich variety of my childhood stories or anything?  Posts which are generating quite a bit of hits just in the past couple of days?

Uh–nope.  All they’re interested in is themselves and what they think might be about them.  Which is probably how they were before, too, but I didn’t realize it at the time.

Their computers and cell phones were blocked from coming here, but they’re using an RSS feed with a proxy server to check my blog.  When I check the dynamic IPs with, I get, “We are confident this IP address is the public IP address of a proxy server.”

They sure are persistent, sure are interested in reading my blog.  Why?  I wouldn’t want to read their blogs, if they had any.  They’ve already read what I think about them and what they did; why do they keep coming back for more?

[Update 6/3/14:]  IP addresses are each computer’s unique numerical address on the Web.  The more I learned about IPs, RSS feeds and blogs etc., I discovered that their AT&T cell phone naturally used a proxy server.

Yes, they were using an RSS feed, which I confirmed based on various records, but the RSS feed was not the reason I couldn’t block them.

The problem was that Blogger blocking power is limited to Toolator, which does not work for dynamic IPs unless you upgrade your account.  But upgrading your account has been impossible for some time, as the owner of Toolator has gone missing (while still taking your money).

To my amusement, after my stalkers got new cell phones/providers and I got a new phone which could surf the Net using AT&T, my own IPs began showing up exactly the same as theirs used to, with the exact same octets.  But they had new IPs now.

Switching to a self-hosted WordPress blog also finally gave me the ability to block them no matter what kind of IP they use.  So now I block and unblock them at will, which is fun.