Another Example of Abuser Playing the Victim: Man Blows Up at Judge for Sentence

[Update 11/28/14: The victim of Sease found this blog post and thanked me for it.]

[Update 4/30/15: His previous case has been dismissed.  It is now being retried, case file here.]

[Update 8/21/15: He has gone through a jury trial today, and was found guilty of two counts of Strangulation/Suffocation, and Battery.  He was found not guilty of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault/Use of Force, and two counts of Kidnapping.] 

[Update 10/21/15: His re-sentencing is complete: 15.5 years in prison.  See here.]

From the article:

A 36-year-old Fond du Lac man convicted in the 2011 assault of a Menasha woman was sentenced Wednesday morning to 23 years in prison and 8 years of extended supervision.

Daniel Sease was also sentenced to 30 additional days in prison for shouting obscenities at Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Judge Robert Wirtz and the victim after Wirtz handed down the sentence.

“Twenty-three years!” Sease shouted at Wirtz. “(expletive deleted)! You gave me 23 years? (expletive deleted) you (expletive deleted)!”

Sease also shouted at the victim, who attended the hearing. “You see what you did?”

How about blaming yourself for doing the behavior that got you arrested/sentenced?  How is that the fault of the victim?

See how delusional abusers can be?  This outburst proves to us how truthful the following was:

The outburst by Sease occurred just minutes after Sease explained to Wirtz he had “found God” and was a “changed man” due to his time in jail. He said he is now “on the right path.”

Sease also said he hoped for a minimal sentence so he could be around for his six children, who are “suffering” because they do not have a positive male role model in their lives.

“I am in constant fear of passing the torch of abandonment down to my kids,” Sease said before he sat down.

Yeah, I see what that was: an attempt for sympathy from the court, not his true heart.  Go by behavior when it contradicts the words.

Here’s what he did:

According to the criminal complaint, Sease punched a Menasha woman multiple times while driving from her home to Fond du Lac on the night of Oct. 29, 2011.

He continued to punch and choke the woman at his home on Second Street and told her she was going to die, the complaint stated.

Sease took her to another Fond du Lac home before driving to a local motel, where he physically and sexually assaulted the woman, according to the complaint.

A manager at the motel came to the room after the assaults, but did not call police, according to the complaint. The woman went to St. Agnes Hospital on Oct. 31, 2011, and hospital staff called police.

Wirtz called the attack one of the most “savage” assaults he has seen. The Menasha woman was present at the hearing, along with her family and friends. The woman, her mother, father, sister and best friend spoke at the sentencing.

Sease’s mother also spoke at the hearing. She told the court the Menasha woman should have driven to the police station during the time Sease was in the car allegedly brutally assaulting her.

Wait–Say what?  His mom is blaming the victim, too??!!

The woman said she feels “very good” about the sentence handed down by Wirtz.

“This was a savage, savage beating,” Wirtz said. “I’ve seen a lot of bad pictures. I’ve seen a lot of cases of people who’ve been beat up, strangled. But these pictures, along with the description of what happened, were monster-like. It was one of the more savage acts of behavior that I’ve seen.”

Fond du Lac man blows up at judge during sentencing for “savage” assault [Link no longer works]