Another site giving the dangers of slapping kids upside the head

On the Home Treatment page of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” by HealthLinkBC (British Columbia, which is reviewed by a whole team of medical professionals):

Help prevent shaken baby syndrome

  • Never shake a baby. Also, do not slap or hit a child of any age on the face or head. A child’s brain is very delicate. Shaking, slapping, or hitting a child can cause serious harm, even though it may not leave any obvious sign of injury.

Also from that site:

Shaking or hitting a child’s head or face is always dangerous. Young children cannot control the movement of their head as well as adults can.

Shaken baby syndrome (shaken baby–impact syndrome) is brain damage caused when a baby is shaken, slammed, or thrown against an object. —Physical Abuse: Common Injuries in Children

I was appalled to witness, in real life, my ex-friends Richard and Tracy defending and joking about smacking kids upside the head, after I saw Tracy do it to her toddler.

Tracy even accused me of defaming her when she discovered I called her a child abuser.  But this is just plain not true: This and her other practices, as I have explained in various chapters in this web-book, ARE INDEED CHILD ABUSE.

And the above quote, along with various others I have given in the links at the bottom of the page, is proof of this.

Rather than threatening me and breathing fire, she needs to review her own practices and CHANGE THEM before her children are irreparably damaged–and either become child abusers as adults, or become victims of abusive husbands.

I was appalled to see another woman smack her toddler in the mouth for using the f– word, which she herself uses on a regular basis.  This practice is condemned here by four dental professionals, whose credentials you can see under “Author Information”:

Oral injuries may be inflicted with instruments such us eating utensils or a bottle during forced feedings. The abuse may result in contusions, burns, or lacerations of the tongue, lips, buccal mucosa, palate, gingival alveolar mucosa or frenum; fractured, displaced, or avulsed teeth; or facial bone and jaw fractures. In older children, gags used to silence or punish a child can leave bruises at the corners of the mouth. A slap or a blow to the child’s mouth to silence the child may injure the labial frenum. –C Stavrianos, I Stavrianou, P Kafas, D Mastagas. The Responsibility of Dentists in Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse. The Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics. 2006 Volume 5 Number 1.

I was appalled to see this woman post on Facebook, “Parents, beat your children.”  Then to hear her say at a party that grabbing a kid’s ear is not abuse.  She is the sister of a friend, but I have nothing to do with her anymore.  I write about this here.

I am appalled to come across comments on the Web saying that it’s perfectly fine to smack kids upside the head, or slap them in the face, that it’s not abuse and doesn’t cause harm.  Above is yet more evidence that this is just not true.

A website (HealthLinkBC) which is reviewed by hundreds of medical specialists, surely must influence parents into giving up this destructive practice.

At least, you would hope.  You would wish.

I am heartened, at least, by the thousands of visitors who have already seen my posts and pages on this subject.  Their search terms, Facebook shares, and number of return visits tell me that many others are looking for the truth on this, do care about children.

I just added this quote to my other pages/posts on child abuse.

While supposedly we’re not to say bad things about people during Lent, I just don’t see how keeping quiet about child abuse is the moral and right thing to do just because it’s Lent.

I am fighting to stop abuse through raising awareness via my website.  Also, Tracy reads this blog regularly, so I hope to influence her into changing her destructive practices before she causes more harm to those four beautiful children.

I call on her to REPENT during this period of Lent.  Apologize to those girls and turn away from abusing them, and they will forgive you and love you forever.  Continue in this destructive path, and they will run from you as soon as they have the chance.

For my other research on this, see Don’t smack your kids: Research into teenage football concussions, Child Abuse, Examples of Child Abuse, Hitting Kids Upside the Head is ABUSE, Slapping Kids Upside the Head Causes Traumatic Brain Injury, and  …Because slapping kids on the head is ABUSE!  STOP THE VIOLENCE!.