Are my stalkers starting to leave me alone after all?

I’m impressed.  I saw in the stats for the church website (which I run) that my stalkers checked the service schedule.  I also saw what appeared to be them, checking the Greek Fest page.

Yet–They haven’t shown up at church yet.

Maybe I missed them if they came to Greek Fest while I was in the kitchen washing dishes.  Except the kitchen was next to the sweets booth (I know they love baklava), and another wall of the kitchen has a windowless window which opens onto the entrance; it was wide open all day.

Also, I worked at the sweets booth for two hours with a clear view of the crowd, and most of the time I was in the kitchen, was after 5pm, when Greek Fest closed and everyone began sending us their serving dishes and cookers.

(My stomach was in butterflies as Greek Fest neared, fearing that they would come to the sweets booth while I worked there, and I’d be forced to serve them.)

All I know for sure is, I did not see them at Greek Fest, and neither did my husband–who went back and forth all day, doing the circuit, emptying all the trash cans.

Also, while they are still blocked on my blog, I scaled back some of the defenses so I could see if they try to get on again.  There has been no sign of them since I did this on June 1.  There also has been no sign for weeks of them trying to get on the old Blogger blog.

Could they be leaving me alone at last?  Could this nightmare be over?

[Update 10/29/14: Nope.  But I no longer care.]