…Because slapping kids on the head is ABUSE! STOP THE VIOLENCE!

Upstate Woman Charged for Slapping Wrong Child at School

Called to Fairforest Middle School to pick up her son who had been suspended, Tyshekka Collier walked into the school’s and proceeded to slap a child who was face down sick on a couch and waiting for his own mother to pick him up.

Realizing her mistake, Collier quickly apologized to the child, then found her own son and proceeded to slap him with both hands on his face and head, according to an arrest warrant.

The sick child’s mother suggested in the TV report that perhaps Ms. Collier deserved a good slapping, too.

Collier wasn’t slapped, but she was arrested and charged with a count of third-degree assault and battery and disturbing a school.


Help prevent shaken baby syndrome

  • Never shake a baby. Also, do not slap or hit a child of any age on the face or head. A child’s brain is very delicate. Shaking, slapping, or hitting a child can cause serious harm, even though it may not leave any obvious sign of injury. –Healthwise staff, Shaken Baby Syndrome: Home Treatment

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