BGBC: Chuck O’Neal’s Counter-Blog Proves Julie Anne Smith is Telling the Truth

I’m a month behind because I’ve been reading other survivor blogs as well, and there are a ton of them out there.  But since Julie Anne Smith won the defamation suit brought against her by her former pastor for her blog, he has now set up a counter-blog: True BGBC Survivors: Surviving Four Years of Hate, Reviling Accusations, and Criminal Slander.

Just perusing a few documents posted there, convinces me that Julie Anne’s charges are not at all “hate,” “reviling accusations,” or “criminal slander.”

First is the DHS interview letter.  This convinces me of nothing except that Chuck O’Neal convinced the social worker that the report against him was malicious slander and a false, criminal report.  That doesn’t mean that it was.

In my research, I’ve found that this sort of thing can happen, that a report can be made, but the victim of abuse does not back it up, whether out of fear or a child’s unconditional love for a parent, making the child fear being taken away from home.

There is also a case in Madison, Wisconsin in which Social Services was called many times about a family, only to close the case as “unsubstantiated,” until finally the teen-age daughter was found starved, childlike, and wandering the streets.  (Lots more detail here.)

So this letter is not enough proof for me that Meaghan was being vindictive in her report to the DHS.

I am also well aware that Richard and Tracy, if they figured out at the time that I reported them, could easily have charmed and manipulated the social worker into believing it was done out of vengeance and spite, even though Richard had been charged with choking his daughter–and his daughter reported that, not me.

Another important document is the historical timeline.  This is supposed to “prove” through various e-mails that the church was under “attack.”

But on the contrary, it proves that the supposed “attackers” were merely trying to voice their opinions, but the leadership tried to force them to sit down, shut up, and change their opinions because the church leadership proclaimed them to be wrong.

When the “attackers” and friends objected to this (and to the church leadership telling the whole church about the situation from their side only), tried to get the leadership to see reason, and naturally spoke about the problem to their friends (as everybody in the world does), they were shut down, and accused of trying to spread division in the church.

The e-mails are also posted with explanations which are supposed to color how you read them, accusations which do not bear out when you read the actual e-mails.  You can see it all for yourself.

I also see O’Neal as trying to “poison the well” at Tim Varela’s new church, by convincing the pastor that Tim is doing bad things that must be dealt with, that the pastor has the authority to do so, just as Richard and Tracy tried to “poison the well” with my priest about me.

O’Neal also keeps insisting to Tim that BGBC is a Bible, Gospel and Christ preaching church, contrary to Tim’s complaints.

He proves through his own posted e-mails that he encouraged the members of his church to stop associating with the disgruntled ex-members, though he denies telling them to “shun” the ex-members.

I also note that he connects the DHS report with Tim’s receipt of the e-mail–but we only have a time stamp of when it was sent, not when it was received.  How do we know that Tim (or Meaghan) even saw the e-mail before she made her report?

Somehow, Chuck O’Neal imagines this will “prove” his point about Julie Anne and others.  But it does just the opposite, all posted to the Internet by Chuck himself.  It’s amazing that he actually thinks this will prove his point!  Instead, it all proves that Julie Anne is telling the truth!

Article from the Wartburg Watch
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