Borderline Personality Disorder

I’ve noticed quite a bit of hits from keywords referring to abuse.  This is, unfortunately, a common problem, and people need to find help.

There are also many hits from keywords referring to narcissistic or borderline personality disorders, disorders which often lead to abusive behaviors.

So I will make a series of posts from my webpage on abuse, which gathers together links I have found most helpful.  I have them arranged by category. 

The first part is on the general topic of abuse.  The last section of the webpage, my own personal abuse stories, has already been posted here.

From my page Abuse in all its forms: My Thoughts, Quotes and Links to help:

Borderline Personality Disorder 

[Note: I primarily focus on abusive, narcissistic people with BPD when putting together this list (about 40% of all people with BPD, according to Stop Walking on Eggshells).  There are also many who do not wish to hurt others and do work on their own issues.]

My Trip To Oz And Back: A True “Retrospective” Story Of My Relationship With A Person With BPD

Stop Walking on Eggshells

Heart 2 Heart: Support Network and Self-Help Data Base for Abused Women

Heart 2 Heart: Support Network and Self-Help Data Base for Abused Men

Presto, Change-o, DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender

Relationships and Divorces with a Borderline

Talking with a Borderline

Borderlines making you insane via gaslighting


The Topic of Abuse (General)

Abuse Specifically Against Husbands/Boyfriends 

Borderline Personality Disorder 


Child Abuse

Domestic Abuse (anyone who lives together or is in a romantic relationship, including roommates or family members)

Emotional Abuse


Getting into the Psyche of the Abuser

If You’ve Been Reported to CPS 


Personal Stories

Physical Abuse


Stopping Abuse/ Helping Abused Friend, Family Member, Co-worker, Child 

Toxic Friendships/Relationships

Understanding the Abused

Verbal Abuse