Be Brave and Tell Your Abuse Story: “The victim who articulates the situation of the victim is no longer a victim; he or she is a threat.”

Here is a blogger, Caitlin Roper, who courageously keeps posting even while her rapist keeps reading.

He found her blog by looking up her Twitter account, since 10 years later he still was keeping tabs on her.

She has been documenting her recovery from the abuse by her “best friend,” as a journal, just as I’ve been doing with my own blog.

Some of her posts which resonated with me, since the feelings were the same, just different circumstances:

On the day I found out my abuser had found my blog, I asked myself, What now? …

Hey, I get it- you put something out there on the internet, you have no guarantee of privacy….I embarked on this exercise resolving to tell my story and to express my feelings as openly and as honestly as I could….

So when I learned that my abuser, while stalking me online, had found and read every word, every feeling and every vulnerability I had shared I felt sick….

…If I was to close my blog entirely, it would be as if my decisions were based on his actions- affording him power or control over me still.


If I am triggered and I allow myself to feel hurt, am I giving him power over me?

–Read the whole thing at Am I Giving My Abuser More Power?


I know he reads this blog. It’s not enough that he has done so much damage, never attempting to make any restitution- he can’t even let me have a safe place to work through my trauma? —When You Realize Your Abuser Will Never be Held Accountable


My abuser does not want me to write about my experiences. He does not want me to be strong. Like all perpetrators, he knows what J. Baldwin stated:

“The victim who articulates the situation of the victim is no longer a victim; he or she is a threat.” My Abuser Found My Blog

Read the whole blog (it’s short) and may it inspire you to be brave and tell your own story.

[Update 8/15/15: The blogger has made her blog private.]



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