Bumper sticker seen on a car at McDonalds today:

“Does your Obama sticker make you feel stupid yet?”

….And THIS is one reason why I can’t stand the TEA Party!  This whole insult-the-intelligence crap they’ve been slinging at people since 2010!

Why on earth would it be “stupid” to have an Obama sticker?

This has absolutely nothing to do with the issues, and is an ad hominem attack, a logical fallacy.  ESPECIALLY considering the TEA Party stances on issues such as science and the environment.

And it’s yet another reason why too much politics, sickens me.  I can’t stand it when people are so wrapped up in politics that politics become more important than the things that really matter: love, helping each other, working to make the world a better place.

Stickers like this just help make the world colder, darker and more of a threat.

Stickers like this say, “I don’t care what kind of person you are, if God is doing a wondrous work in your heart, if you help and love others, whether you are a narcissist or a decent person, whether you are a rapist or an abuse victim–All I care about is who you vote for.”

It’s political extremism–and dangerous.

This is the kind of heart that leads to Civil War and Rwanda.

This is the kind of extremism–from left and right–which my husband just ranted about on Facebook today.

I would want nothing whatsoever to do with somebody who would put such a sticker on their car.  This one insulting sticker tells me more about that person’s character and heart than all the anti-abortion stickers on the same car.

This combined with the “Capitolist” sticker (yes, it was spelled wrong), reminds me of Richard, who seemed to put his “capitalism” above everything else….

Capitalism is about getting all you can for yourself.  As Christians, our faith should not be put in a political system of any kind, but in God and His principles.  And making capitalism your god, leads to all sorts of abuses and violations of others’ human rights.

…But I guess it’s “stupid” to care for others, to want everyone to be taken care of, to have their human rights for medical care met, to want no one to be poor or downtrodden, to want to take care of the earth so our grandchildren don’t die out from lack of resources.

I guess that means Christ was “stupid,” then.