Happy to see my posts on child abuse making a difference

Every day I see the hits come in, and the latest tallies are:

Hitting Kids Upside the Head is Abuse: 784 hits  [Update 5/31/15: 2,961 hits]

Slapping Kids Upside the Head Causes Traumatic Brain Injury: 1,498 hits  [Update 5/31/15: 6,809 hits]

This is good for the soul–knowing that my passion for ending child abuse is making some difference, even if small.  The search terms I see leading to these posts, show that many people have the same concerns I do about kids being slapped upside the head.

Maybe, just maybe, the next generation won’t suffer so much from this blatant physical abuse that threatens their very brains–and could shove them into nearby furniture.

The reason for my passion against this practice, is that I witnessed a frenemy slapping her kid upside the head.  I didn’t speak out then, but I did later on when she joked about it and defended it.  And I speak out now on the Net as well.

The Richard and Tracy story is finished at last!

Now I can get back to my College Memoirs.  We’re starting to get into the fun part, past the abusive exes and into the fun of the second half of senior year: meeting weird people online (such as a psychic vampire), flame wars with a girl who was very much like Tracy, Celtic class, learning to play the tin whistle, SCA, meeting the Hubby….

Which also means slowing way down on my number of posts, maybe a few a week except when inspiration hits.  But I also plan to sticky-post old posts every day, so my new subscribers can check out my old stuff as well (and so I can fix formatting problems in pre-Wordpress posts 😛 ).

I also want to, over time, use my website the way I have used it ever since it was created in 2004 or 2005, and my blog in 2009: to showcase my writing in all its variety.  It’s not all about abuse blogging.  I have now combined my website with this blog into one big website: Just look at the page menu at the top of each page.  🙂  And look at that, my total hits are very close to 50,000!  🙂

I have all sorts of juvenilia that I hope to find and post, or at least describe if it’s lost.  I want my childhood imagination to be preserved, some of the stories possibly made into children’s books, because I fear it all being lost after I die.  I want to spark creativity again, start writing fictional stories again, not just book reviews, essays, memoirs and blogs.

And now that the story of Richard and Tracy is completely revised and out, I can do this again, because the cobwebs are cleared out of my mind, the chains of grief, anger and pain finally pushed out.

As for my stalkers, Richard and Tracy–We’ll see if I can still hold their attention now that their story is basically going to be old stuff stickied, rather than new stuff.  Of course, I see them going through my old stuff constantly lately, reading the same posts over and over again, so maybe it won’t matter to them.  LOL

People connecting with my posts, makes it all worth it….

In the early days, I wondered, should I blog about my recent abuse experiences, or just stick to book reviews?  Is it too personal?

But then there are days like this one: In my Statcounter, I see not one, but TWO people connecting with my blog posts.  And every once in a while, I see others going through my posts, sometimes even subscribing.

Even after the ANA traffic died down, I’ve been getting well over 100 hits a day.  🙂  (And now I have 11 subscribers.)  I see repeat visitors all the time.  The abuse victim described in one of my posts, about a local court case, even found the post and was touched by it.

And that tells me that these posts are worthwhile, that there are others out there who are looking for blogs like these, for that human connection even through a computer, with someone else in the same circumstance.

And that tells me to keep my blog up, keep these posts up even after I stop writing about the Richard/Tracy situation.

It makes it all worth it, even with Richard and Tracy’s threats and intimidation and all they’ve put me through over the years.  It means my blog really is making a difference.

Wait–What? A sudden spike in hits to my blog

Okay, some Facebook group has obviously posted my blog post Wasted Years Mourning a Narcissist, because since 6pm I’ve suddenly received some 300 hits.  At least two new subscribers as well.  Welcome to all my new visitors–wherever you’re coming from!  😀

Update 4/10, 1:42pm: They’re coming from After Narcissistic Abuse and, so far, 15 shares on Facebook.

The hits are still coming, along with people checking out other posts once they’re here.  I’m getting so many I keep running out of room on my free Statcounter account, and have to keep downloading the logs so I don’t lose them.

I had 510 hits yesterday, 235 already today!  More than 36,000 people like the ANA page, so this could take a while.  😛

Update 4/11: As of 12:15pm, the spike has leveled off, but ever since my blog post was linked on ANA, I have received 490 hits to that post–and 1059 hits to my website overall.  😀  See bottom of page for updated pageviews.


But as for my psycho stalker trolls, Richard and Tracy, who hate that this blog exists, and read it at least once a week, and laughed at it, and tried to stalk and intimidate me over it, a little tune just for you:

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A post to make my blogging worthwhile

I just found this in my stats:

January 23rd post, “Finally, Someone Who Gets It

This blogger just found my post tonight: On Being Judged For Shyness.  After she read it, she wrote, “I’m crying internal tears of joy knowing that there’s someone out there who understands how I feel on a daily basis.  Her closing paragraph really hit home:”

My closing paragraph:

Please, don’t be that person.  Don’t expect shy people to talk.  Draw them out instead by asking questions.

If we still don’t say much, don’t take it personally; sometimes it takes a while for us to become comfortable enough with you to talk easily.  Or maybe we simply have nothing to say about that subject.  Because our brains have such a hard time coming up with conversational topics off the cuff, just give us a chance.

Let us be ourselves, and don’t make a big deal about our quiet natures.  It may take a few meetings, it may take 20 or 100, but eventually, we may begin to open up to you.  Even now I can be very quiet in a group of people I’ve known and been comfortable with for years, but one-on-one I can often be more talkative.

It does my heart good to see my posts connecting to others like this.  To know that all the clicking away I do all the time, is starting to reach out to others and make a difference.

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