Mel Gibson says sequel to “Passion” will include Christ’s descent into Hell (Harrowing)

Here’s something I don’t recall ever seeing in a movie:

Seriously, this was part of my conversion to Orthodoxy, as I explain in this post, and I write about the Harrowing of Hades here.  I love this doctrine so much that I even have an icon of it hanging on my wall.  The icons vary, but you can find a picture of one similar to it here: Holy Saturday and the Harrowing of Hell

I never saw “Passion”–too much blood and gore for me–but now I want to see the sequel.  😀

“I promise not to oppress you with too much remorse or too much passion, though since you left us the white rose bush has died of grief.”

This line often runs through my head after breakups or other separations from loved ones.

Just remove the part about passion, and keep “since you left, the white rose bush has died of grief,” and it can apply to friends and family just as easily.

I put it on my Facebook profile for some time after the friendship breakup with Richard, to express my grief.

It is my favorite line from Peter Firth in the 80s rendition of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey:

(Sorry for the bad quality: It’s apparently the only video the BBC has not bumped off Youtube.)

It’s not in the book, only in this movie, but it’s so poetic that I wish Jane Austen had written it herself.

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