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Music Obsessions: September 2017

First of all, Neurotech has come out with a swan song album which is hauntingly beautiful.  It sounds like it was influenced by Dream Theater, but with an electronic sound.  This is the entire album, posted by the artist himself; he also provides links to buy a copy:

Now, Eisbrecher’s “Was Ist Hier Los?” original mix:

The SITD Remix:


The Kant Kino Remix of “Falling” by Bruderschaft:

Gary Numan’s new video.  Remember him, the guy who did “Cars” and a bunch of other New Wave hits back in the 80s?  Well, he came back some years ago and gathered up a cult following among Goths with updated electronica.  His latest video features his real-life daughter in a post-apocalyptic setting.  The album is based on a story idea which has been hanging around in his head for many years (I know what that’s like).  The video is “My Name is Ruin”:

And I will leave you with another hauntingly beautiful electronic song, “Diskonnekted” by Yesteryears:




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My Latest Music Obsessions: May 2017 Pt 2

Part 1 is here.

And now the newest one, Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berserk Extended Version) by Mortiis, which you can buy here  (name your price).  I know the guy looks scary–like an evil undead elf–but you’ll be surprised by how melodic and pretty the song is:

Now for Laibach, in my list since March:


Das Spiel Ist Aus (Remix):

And, downloaded in early May, Hanzel und Gretyl’s Third Reich from the Sun.  No, they are NOT Nazis, and not German, either, even though apparently some neo-Nazis don’t get it.  This is part of a concept album they did: “The duo’s third release, Uber Alles, takes us on their distorted space journey where they battle evil dictators to save the earth…. ‘To those who are experiencing our music for the first time, we would like to state for the record that we are neither Nazis nor fascists'” (Kaffeine Buzz).  That over with, here’s the song:




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My Latest Music Obsessions: May 2017 Pt 1

In this post, I’ll clear out songs which I’ve had since December but are still in my playlist.  They’re by Covenant:

I Close My Eyes:

20 hz:


Also an addictive song by Tactical Module, Punishment of Being Me, which you can listen to/buy here.  Unfortunately, I don’t see a video to embed (the embedding code doesn’t work for some reason).

The next post will include more recent song obsessions.



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A song that fits the times: “The World Today” by Blue Ocean Dream

I can’t believe the world today

When understanding is all gone

When respect has lost its meaning

And the Ego is raised high

Also, Trump finally addresses the concerns of the protesters:

There is some hope here–assuming, of course, that we can trust him, which remains to be seen.  Of course, rolling back abortion rights and Obamacare are still on the table, which are HUGE concerns.


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Current Song Obsessions

The following songs are stuck in my media player:

The new one by Torul, “Saviour of Love” (I actually have the Extended Version, but this is essentially the same).  Check out that sultry look the lead singer gives you:

E Nomine’s “Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir),” about a werewolf–chanted by a famous German voice actor.  I just love that growling, German voice:

The English translation:

E Nomine’s “Vater Unser”–I just love that powerful German voice saying the Lord’s Prayer and screaming out, “Father, hear my voice”!

“Spiders (UnterART Remix)” by Ashbury Heights (which always makes me think, “Follow the spiders?  Couldn’t it be Follow the butterflies?”):

This is actually an obsession from a few months ago, but I forget if I posted it–MGT and Ashton Nyte, “The Reaping.”  Love the architecture inside that Gothic-style church, and the artwork!

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