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Reblog: My Fundamentalism of the 1960s Has Changed for the Worse—Considerably Worse | Jesus Without Baggage

The author of this post experienced fundamentalism more along the lines of my own, growing up in the 70s/80s.  We weren’t the KJV-only crowd, and nobody cared if women taught men, but much of it was the same.  But the author writes about many changes which have sprung up in fundamentalism lately, including the intense focus on patriarchy and purity culture (young people not even kissing till marriage) :

We became fundamentalists in 1958 when I was 7, and I ate it up! We joined a Freewill Baptist Church and I was with those churches until 1970. However, I did not absorb fundamentalism only from FWB…

Source: My Fundamentalism of the 1960s Has Changed for the Worse—Considerably Worse | Jesus Without Baggage

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Remember Benny Hinn prophesying the downfall of Castro?

Many years ago now, I wrote the following on one of my theology pages:

Benny Hinn…once came on The 700 Club and said he’d been taken into a trance by God, who took his spirit over various parts of the earth and showed him things that would happen in the 1990s.

In naïve gullibility, I wrote these things down exactly.  I’m not sure where that paper is now, but I remember that few, if any, of those things came true.

  1. I remember him saying that two of God’s “great giants” would die in the 90s.  I thought this meant Billy Graham (or even Pat Robertson).
  2. I remember there was supposed to be a wondrous revival in which people would be in the parking lot on their way into church, and get healed.
  3. One of the prophecies I remember distinctly: “Castro’s Cuba will fall in the 90s.”  Well, that never happened.
  4. I remember a prophecy in the early 90s that there would be an economic collapse and only the givers in the church would survive.  Was that Benny Hinn?  There are accounts of him saying such things in 1999, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he said it on The 700 Club in the early 90s as well.  Or it could have been Pat Robertson, giving one of his own yearly prophecies.

So Benny Hinn is also a false prophet who, like Pat Robertson, has lots of followers and tons of money coming in.  And if they’re false prophets, then their faith healing, “words of knowledge”/prophecies, and religious teachings are also suspect.

Benny Hinn–False Prophet Extroardinaire by Jackie Alnor

Questions for Benny Hinn by Bill Alnor

This website lists many prophecies for the 90s, several of which sound like the ones on my missing paper.  (Also note that God destroying the homosexual community with fire in the mid-90s is greeted with a round of applause.)  He says that Fidel Castro will die in the 90s.  Um, no.: Benny Hinn Prophesies for the Mid-90s

(Well, Castro died in HIS 90s.  By the way, the above link is full of Hinn’s false prophecies for the 90s.  Read and be entertained by all that was supposed to have happened 20 years ago.)

A simple Google search on “Benny Hinn prophecy 90s Castro” reveals many more websites exposing Benny Hinn’s false prophecies.

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Mel Gibson says sequel to “Passion” will include Christ’s descent into Hell (Harrowing)

Here’s something I don’t recall ever seeing in a movie:

Seriously, this was part of my conversion to Orthodoxy, as I explain in this post, and I write about the Harrowing of Hades here.  I love this doctrine so much that I even have an icon of it hanging on my wall.  The icons vary, but you can find a picture of one similar to it here: Holy Saturday and the Harrowing of Hell

I never saw “Passion”–too much blood and gore for me–but now I want to see the sequel.  😀

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Watching the fallout over Trump….

In case you haven’t been paying attention, yesterday we learned that Trump said some comments in 2005 about hitting on married women and how women let him do anything because he’s a celebrity.  He basically laughed about sexual assault.  Even his running mate Pence is distancing himself from him, and the GOP is in disarray.

Of course, I wonder what took so long: Trump’s been saying crap like this for ages–not just from 11 years ago, but in the past week/month/year–but only now does it seem to be the “last straw” for the GOP.

It’s too late now to change things.  Early voting has already started.

Trump is an obvious narcissistic sociopath.  Those of us who have been abused by such people in one way or another, recognize this easily.  Nothing about him screams “Christian,” either, so this stubborn determination by Evangelical leaders to support him as a so-called “repentant Christian,” just boggles my mind.


This is what we call “Christian in name-only.”  Or “nominal Christian.”  Someone who only calls himself a Christian to get benefits from that.

Also, his “apology” strikes me as very much NOT an apology.  His wife’s comments that she accepted the apology–I suspect that she is so engulfed in Stockholm Syndrome that she doesn’t see the truth about his “apology” or his character.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves that voting Republican no matter what is the “Christian” way, while Democrats are the “anti-Christian” party.

I am well-versed in the Bible and Christian ethics, and this is WHY I abandoned the GOP many years ago now.  The Democrats have some issues as well, but I determined the platform actually follows the teachings of Christ.  You can’t just automatically dismiss a whole party as the “Antichrist” unless it actually calls itself the Antichrist Party.  (Or it’s Neo-Nazi.  😛  )

As for individual Democrats–they’re people, too.  Individual Republicans are people, too.  Even though I heartily disagree with Paul Ryan’s politics, for example, I’d feel a LOT better if he were on the ticket instead of Trump.  Even Pence gives me far less of a squicky feeling than Trump.  Even Cruz–well, no, not Cruz.  😛  Ben Carson–I’d be okay with him instead of Trump.  BUT NOT TRUMP!


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