Happy to see my posts on child abuse making a difference

Every day I see the hits come in, and the latest tallies are:

Hitting Kids Upside the Head is Abuse: 784 hits  [Update 5/31/15: 2,961 hits]

Slapping Kids Upside the Head Causes Traumatic Brain Injury: 1,498 hits  [Update 5/31/15: 6,809 hits]

This is good for the soul–knowing that my passion for ending child abuse is making some difference, even if small.  The search terms I see leading to these posts, show that many people have the same concerns I do about kids being slapped upside the head.

Maybe, just maybe, the next generation won’t suffer so much from this blatant physical abuse that threatens their very brains–and could shove them into nearby furniture.

The reason for my passion against this practice, is that I witnessed a frenemy slapping her kid upside the head.  I didn’t speak out then, but I did later on when she joked about it and defended it.  And I speak out now on the Net as well.