So Chris has re-friended me on Facebook….

I’m not sure what to make of this.  Three years ago, Chris (my “replacement” as Richard’s BFF) unfriended me on Facebook without a word.

I feared Richard had filled his mind with poison about me, as he filled mine with poison about Todd.  I sent Chris another friend request, but he ignored it.  I became even more depressed, and wrote my first blog post on this subject, Fighting the Darkness.

And now, THREE YEARS later, he has accepted my friend request.  I don’t know what took so long, what changed his mind.  He hasn’t said a word still, and I don’t want to kick it by saying anything.  Spy?  Flying monkey attack?–Or maybe even realized I was not the person Richard and Tracy wanted him to think I was?

Just…weird.  Fortunately, Richard and Tracy are blocked on my Facebook, so I can’t see them post anything to him–though I can tell when comments are missing from blocked people.  Just count the number you see vs. the number FB tells you is there.

I’m not going to unfriend him.  It was, after all, my request which he finally responded to after 3 years.  I don’t want him to notice and start asking questions.  Just wait and see if things become clear.