Fighting the Darkness: Coming out of the darkness, or, life without narcissists

Last night my husband, son and I went to a showing of Young Frankenstein in an old-fashioned theater in Sheboygan, Stefanie H. Weill Center.  Beautiful theater, with balconies, curtains, ornate moulding all over the walls, you know the type.  The ceiling was made to look like the night sky, complete with realistic stars.

Here is a link to a picture of that auditorium.

Here are more pictures.

And to watch this movie on the big screen, with other people laughing, and your good friend of 20-some years right beside you…. Catherine was there, along with another of our old friends, and another couple as well.

It was so…wonderful.  To be with people who do not cause drama.  Who have jobs, but are not the type who are so ambitious that they use, step on and discard others on the way to the top.  Just normal, laid-back, Midwestern geeks.

And during the whole movie, I could feel that inner joy, that love of life, that had been buried for so long.

This is normalcy.  This is what I missed for so long when the toxins from Richard/Tracy’s abuse were still in my spirit.  This is life without drama queens and narcissists.

Life is good again.  The toxins are finally getting flushed out.  The darkness is finally going away.

I am healing at last.