Confirmed: Richard lied about Executive Order

More than a year ago, I posted this about my years-long search to verify Richard’s story that Clinton ordered border guards to shoot migrants on sight in a super-secret Executive Order.  Please go there and read it to see what I uncovered then.

Well, a few weeks ago, I finally spoke on Twitter to Jenn Budd about this.  She said that NO, THERE WAS NO SUCH ORDER.

I also said that Richard claimed to have shot and killed a migrant woman who had a baby, that the guilt drove him out of the force.  Budd said that wasn’t likely and he sounds like a wannabe.

She was on the force at the same time Richard was.  She verifies his claims that many border guards are corrupt and participate in such things as smuggling and human trafficking, but she says that this Executive Order DID NOT EXIST.

Why did Richard lie about such a thing?  As I wrote in my post last year,

The only reason I can think of for Richard’s claim of murdering somebody, is political, to suit his usual narrative that Democratic presidents are evil and only conservative presidents can be trusted to do the right thing.  Or maybe it was from some narcissistic desire to paint an image of himself as bigger and badder than he really was, in order to impress people.

You can see the Twitter thread here.


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