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The copyright to all these pages belongs to Nyssa McCanmore.  Please do not copy beyond Fair Use; if you do copy, please link back to this site.  Printing is perfectly fine.

My drawings are also under my copyright, so if you wish to use one, please contact me using the form below.  I may charge a small fee.

NO SPAM MESSAGES ASKING TO POST LINKS ON MY SITE.  I get these all the time; they all pretend to be official e-mail addresses coming from the USA, but they all come from the Philippines, so they’re actually spammers.

A few words about copyright: I have lately noticed some bloggers apparently misunderstand copyright law, and some get a bit–unpleasant.  First of all, everything you write is automatically copyrighted, so you don’t have to pay for it.  Just put a little copyright notice on your blog.

Second of all, the Fair Use portion of copyright law allows anyone to excerpt your writing for the purpose of review, research, commentary, parody, etc., as long as it is properly cited as yours and is not excessive.  This allows for sharing and community and conversation among bloggers and everybody else on the Net, for book reviews, research papers, etc. etc.  It allows bloggers to help each other build up readership.

Third, if you send somebody an e-mail, it’s theirs and they can post it on their blog.  The courts sorted this one out a while back as well.

But anyone who does not want to be excerpted here, please send me a note using the form above, and I will replace it with a summary.  Please be kind: I am reasonable.

This form can also be used for general comments. I am not a counselor and not good at giving advice, though if you just want to talk privately about something, that’s okay. But please be warned: Abusive comments will be deleted without response.


Terms and Conditions

It’s sad that I have to do this for a personal website, especially since I’ve been on the Net since the very early days, which–as many of us termed it–was a “Wild West,” and people posted anything they liked.  But this is such a litigious society that I have to put this disclaimer here.  😛

All content provided on this website is for entertainment/sharing purposes only.  The owner of this website makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.  The owner will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information.  The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.

Everything in this website is my opinion based on my understanding of the facts.  It is a personal website from my point of view, a journal, a diary, and not meant to be used as a factual reference.

I am not a journalist, doctor, lawyer, psychologist, political pundit, theologian, member of the clergy, or any other such authority, so anything I state related to such matters, is purely opinion.  I am not qualified to make diagnoses, so anything related to such matters is purely my educated opinion of what a diagnosis would be if one were made.

The information, details, incidents, opinions, etc. I present, I make good-faith attempts to make them accurate to the best of my knowledge, but I am biased to my perspective.  Any inaccuracies are not intentional.  Others may disagree with my assessments.  Names are changed to protect the guilty and the innocent.

Warning: Some posts are used as therapy and have venting/angry language. I keep them up for fellow abuse victims who can find sympathy and comfort in such posts.

Please note: Occasional references to Shrink4Men website DO NOT imply endorsement of the Men’s Rights movement. I am both feminist and against abuse, no matter what gender.



The owner of this website reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this website without notice due to:

  1. Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam
  2. Comments including profanity
  3. Comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive
  4. Comments that attack a person individually
  5. Comments that I just plain don’t want to deal with.

This policy is subject to change at any time.

Not that comments are normally allowed.  I’ve seen how other blogs like mine tend to attract trolls and invalidaters along with supportive comments from fellow abuse victims.  The beauty of the Internet is that everybody gets a say, along with people I heartily disagree with.  This site is MY say.  You can have your own say on your own site.  😉

Oh yeah, and I also turned off comments long ago to prevent my abusers from posting yet more blaming, denying and threatening abuse.  Sure I can moderate comments before they’re posted, but I still have to READ them to moderate them, so that’s no solution.  Better to cut them off at the pass.

Another reason is I’ve seen other blogs on abuse experiences, full of comments asking for advice.  I’m hardly a mentor or expert, but rather an abuse victim struggling to find my way back to normalcy and moving on, same as any other abuse victim.

As of 1/16/16, I’m turning comments back off.  No, I have not had trouble with trolls etc.; most comments have been positive, what few I get.  But around the Net I find far too many blog posts getting ripped apart in the comments, far too much vitriol on all sorts of subjects (even introversion), and I do not see how that contributes to discussion.  If one of my posts does begin to attract comments, I don’t have time to moderate flame wars or respond to everything negative.

It also keeps away all that friggin’ spam that keeps clogging up my database.

12/16/16: I’ve decided to selectively turn comments on for some posts/pages. I no longer focus on my abusive experiences on this blog, so many subjects are “safe.” Hopefully.