Current Song Obsessions

The following songs are stuck in my media player:

The new one by Torul, “Saviour of Love” (I actually have the Extended Version, but this is essentially the same).  Check out that sultry look the lead singer gives you:

E Nomine’s “Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir),” about a werewolf–chanted by a famous German voice actor.  I just love that growling, German voice:

The English translation:

E Nomine’s “Vater Unser”–I just love that powerful German voice saying the Lord’s Prayer and screaming out, “Father, hear my voice”!

“Spiders (UnterART Remix)” by Ashbury Heights (which always makes me think, “Follow the spiders?  Couldn’t it be Follow the butterflies?”):

This is actually an obsession from a few months ago, but I forget if I posted it–MGT and Ashton Nyte, “The Reaping.”  Love the architecture inside that Gothic-style church, and the artwork!