GOP Power Grab

Make no mistake, the voters see what you’re doing.  It should’ve been Merrick Garland in that Supreme Court seat.

The GOP has been slowly and steadily taking control for years now.  Walker has ruined Wisconsin and made it so Democrats no longer get a say, while corruption runs rampant, with compromised judges unwilling to stop it.  Walker drove friends and family apart, drove away teachers, and as for driving, the potholes around here make bike-riding treacherous.

Now they’re doing it nationally.  I hoped that when Walker lost the nomination for President, we would be safe from a President doing to the nation what Walker did to Wisconsin, but no.

The trouble is, for far too long, certain political groups (such as the Tea Party) have been insisting that “compromise” is a bad word, somehow evil.  So instead of working with the other side, the GOP just says “screw you” and pushes whatever it wants, no matter how extreme, and the Democrats can’t stop them.

Sometimes I wish I could move to Germany.