High caseloads, regulations dog state child abuse investigators

We need CPS to be able to do their jobs keeping our children safe, but high caseloads are a common problem:

High caseloads, regulations dog state child abuse investigators

Social workers and their supervisors insist they haven’t allowed harm to any child as a result of the ever-increasing demands, but child protection advocates warn that growing workloads will eventually stress the safety net, increasing the chances for mistakes that could ultimately put kids at risk.

….Social workers are frustrated by the increased scrutiny and complain of “unfunded mandates” they say force them to spend more time writing detailed reports for the state than doing actual field work.

They said workloads are the worst they’ve known in years because the volume and complexity of cases has increased at the same time the state boosted the regulatory burden.

…Today, social workers must follow a 72-page booklet of standards when investigating child abuse or neglect.

…About one in every 270 children in Wisconsin is the victim of abuse or neglect each year, according to state data.

During 2010 and 2011, more than 180 children were killed or seriously hurt by a guardian, according to published reports detailing cases in which the victims were beaten, shot or starved.


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