Hoarder houseguests

Warning: The following summarizes and vents a period of narcissistic abuse and mind control.

Meanwhile, I felt pushed into letting them stay with us–and they were bad houseguests, complaining about the food and making it impossible for me to keep up the cleanliness of the house.

They brought their filthy habits into my house, such as dirty laundry constantly piled on my living room floor, and even brought cockroaches and lice.

For six weeks, I fought to keep up the place, and tried not to go crazy as an introvert with no place to go to recharge (it was winter)–while dealing with this jealous, hostile person in my house (Tracy) who complained about everything I did.

First Richard stayed with us for two months by himself, and that was fine.  But then one day he just sprang it on us that the rest of the family was coming as well.  He didn’t even have an apartment secured yet!

He didn’t ask either one of us, just said they were coming.  We had zero room for them, and it was extremely inconvenient to put them all up, with no spare beds, no spare rooms, and no spare money–while they gave us absolutely no money for their own upkeep.

Then Tracy began acting mean all the time to the kids, to Richard, and to me.  Tracy had the nerve to complain about the food we served, to say she felt “unwelcome,” and to become hostile to me.

Tracy was on very thin ice, bringing this filth into my house and treating me like crap.  So I almost threw her out, but it was a cold, harsh winter, and there were three small children as well.  Instead, I kept begging Richard to find a new place and get out.