I Have Won this Game with the Narcissists

I have watched vigilantly, but there has been no sign of my narcissists on this new version of my blog.  They haven’t even bothered to use other computers/wireless connections.

They were obsessed with checking my blog at least once a week for some ten months, often more than that if they felt particularly vindictive, and getting around any blockers I put up, defying me every time I told them to go away, by checking even more often.

I saw them read the post that I had moved to WordPress; I even saw in their search terms that they tried to find my new blog, but ended up back on Blogger.  But they have not made it over.

I changed some of my blockers so they were still powerfully blocked, but I could see if they’re still trying to come in; there is no sign of them.

I have won this game.  They threatened a lawsuit but I did not give in; I did everything I said I would, and kept the blog up; the lawsuit never came.

They are gone from my blog.  My mind is strengthening against them.  My body is getting stronger as I push its endurance and lift weights.

Maybe this is why they checked my church’s service schedule this week: They want to put a fright into me again, since the blog no longer works for them.  I do admit to fear and trepidation as my next service looms closer, just 10 more hours away.  But I have to force it down and go anyway.  I have to ignore them.

Tina Swithin had her own encounter with her narc ex recently: He had moved far away, which was great for her, but moved back again recently.  He has been showing up everywhere she does.  She wrote,

2. Tuesday morning I dropped the girls off at school and headed to the coffee shop where I work while the girls are in school. I swung the door open and there he was perched at a table reading the newspaper.

My heart started pounding and I turned and fled to my car. I was angry at myself for my reaction. Why did I let him do this to me?

This morning, I decided that I would not let his presence affect my life. I plan to go to my coffee shop and work just as I always have.  He should be the one who feels uncomfortable, not me. —Seth is Back

She “gets it.”  But she is also fighting back.  Narcs want to control us, for their amusement; let’s not let them.

[Update 6/1/15: My stalkers did not come to my church’s service after all.  This was only a temporary respite from them on my blog, but there has been no more trouble from them, no more threats, no more nasty messages–and no more sign of them at church.  They are in town, but I don’t see them around.  Seeing them in my stats also has not bothered me for ages.  So I still say I “won.”]