I have identified at least 18 trolls

They’re all blocked, but a couple are finding other ways in, such as proxies.  I’m not sure what’s going on there, because they show up in Statcounter but Wordfence said they were blocked, so I tried blocking them at the server level.  And their proxy.

This is absolutely pathetic.  WHY are they coming after me?  WHY?  I have no connection to their vendetta.  I have nothing to do with their target.  I’m just some random fan of a certain reality show.  Well, was a fan.

I’m quite sure somebody–maybe two people–from the show came on, too, but didn’t block them because they’re not the trolls and actually showed some interest in finding out about me (rather than digging stuff up).  I have nothing to fear from the family.

I’m also really disgusted because I want to play with my Twitter, set up a box in the corner of my blog so everybody can keep up with my tweets.  But I have it shut down to the public now, so you can only see it if you follow my Twitter.

Maybe I’ll delete some stuff and open it back up.  Anyone coming with the old links, I would set up to automatically block.

I bet they don’t like that I called them out.  Well, suck it, trolls: I’m not retracting what I said.  Your behavior proves it’s true.

By the way, readers, my site will probably load a bit more slowly because I had to turn on Live Traffic.  It drags things down a bit, but helps me keep an eye on and block all the trolls.



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