ANNA: A black Pentecostal; popular and respected; Latosha said she had a “direct line to God.”

CANDICE: My freshman year roommate.  A pretty, popular sophomore.

CHARLES: My fourth college boyfriend (non-exclusive), one month in the first part of senior year.

CINDY: A pretty, short, sweet, red-headed music major who was Pearl’s roommate for two years.

COUNSELOR DUDE: My counselor, and also the teacher of several of my writing classes.

CUGAN: My future husband and sixth college boyfriend (first non-exclusive, then quickly exclusive).  I met him senior year.  He was not a student: I met him in the SCA.

DAPHNE: The RA for the suites.

DAVE O’HARA: Phil’s brother and Pearl’s friend, he had an antipathy toward me that bothered Pearl, confused me, and was probably driven by his friendship with Peter.

DAVE’S PEARL: Dave’s fiancée Pearl, as opposed to my friend Pearl.

DIRK: I first met him sophomore year in Food Service.  He was a freshman.  Nancy told me he was asking about me, but was turned off when she said he was shy.  He wasn’t my type, anyway.  Friend and roommate of Carl.  Later became Phil’s friend.

FRANK: Heidi’s friend; may have also been a boyfriend.  He later became an RA for Grossheusch.  Also one of Shawn’s friends.  Though he didn’t run in my circles once Shawn left, all my friends seemed to know who he was.  Not a bad guy, but did like to make dirty jokes.

GLEN: My friend Catherine’s first husband.  They married during my junior year.  He was also a friend of Stefan and Heidi, so I often saw him when he came to visit them.

HEIDI: My freshman year suitemate.  She was Swiss, and the German Suite Mentor.

JENNIFER: A pretty blonde with delicate features.  I met her during Orientation activities.  She became a Phi-Delt, so she knew many of the same people I did.  She became my pledge sister sophomore year.  She dated and later married Jason.

JULIE: A year ahead of me; she dated Darryl; another Dr. Who and English comedy fan.

LATOSHA: My freshman year suitemate.  She was black, beautiful, and a good friend.

MARC: One of the cool Zetas; friend of Darryl, roommate of Steve, fan of Pink Floyd.

MAURA O’HARA: Phil’s mother and sister (both had the same name).

MIKE: Part of my main group of friends.  I first met him sophomore year; he was the brother of my suitemate Wendy, so I saw him in the suite once or twice, and then he began attending InterVarsity.  He joined our little group junior year and became a lifelong friend.

MONA S: I met her freshman year; she dropped out early my sophomore year.  We became prayer partners for a while and shared dreams for a revival at Roanoke.  I believe she knew Shawn.  After she left, we wrote to each other for a few years.

MONA V: One of the first people I met when I came to Roanoke.  She was also Cindy’s friend, so I saw her occasionally, and she knew Peter from high school.

NICOLE: The French Suite Mentor my freshman year.  She was always very nice to me.  She and Heidi became good friends, so I saw her in the German Suite a lot.  Unfortunately, Nicole went back to France after freshman year.  I saw her once more after that, when she came to visit her old friends.

NYSSA MCCANMORE: My assumed name for these memoirs.

PAUL: Heidi’s friend.  Because he was deaf, he had MAIZIE, a friendly and popular dog, to help him.

PEARL: One of my best friends in college.  She used a scooter to get around campus because of rheumatoid arthritis.  A classmate from Honors CORE, Cindy’s roommate for two years, a highly intelligent and pretty girl, outgoing, and a leader of InterVarsity.

PERSEPHONE: Phil began a tumultuous relationship with her–even though she wasn’t in love with him–about a week or two after our last breakup.

PETER: My first college boyfriend (exclusive), freshman year.  We were practically engaged for a short time.

PHIL O’HARA: My third college boyfriend (exclusive), junior through the first part of senior year, and my first official fiancé.

RANDY: First, he was Peter’s friend.  Then he was Cindy’s friend.  I saw him around school, and we’d say hi, though I didn’t really know him until senior year, when we had a class together.  He began dating one of my friends senior year.

RUTH: My German teacher freshman year.

SHAWN: My second college boyfriend (non-exclusive), if you can call him that, freshman through sophomore year.

STEFAN: My freshman year suitemate and Tom’s roommate.  He was German, sweet, and a lawyer, only at RC for a short time.  My friend Catherine’s first husband Glen knew him; Stefan would call them and say, “This is STE-fan from GEHR-many!”

STIMPY: My fifth college boyfriend (non-exclusive), one month in the second part of senior year.  He was not a student: I met him online.

TIMOTHY: My freshman year suitemate–and Tom’s roommate–for one day.  When my pledge group had to ask Grossheusch guys for underwear sophomore year, he took off the pair he was wearing–right in front of us.

TOM: My freshman year suitemate.  A Sigma who liked to party.

Life at Roanoke: My College Memoirs–September 1991 through May 1995