Is it worthwhile blocking your blog stalkers?

After all, they can just go to all sorts of different places with free wi-fi, and read your blog that way.  That’s what my stalkers just did.

But you don’t have to make it easy for them.  No contact means no contact.  Make them work for it!  Don’t let them sit in their jammies at home checking your blog any time they like!

If your blog is self-hosted, use WP-Ban, use Wordfence to block people, use the .htaccess file blockers, or block through your CPanel (control panel on your webhost).  Just the fact that my stalkers haven’t been able to get in here before now, shows my blockers worked for nearly three blissful months.  🙂

I’ve been tempted to start writing things again which are especially for their eyes.  I want to throw the gates open so I can poke at them–but then I remember why I switched to and blocked them in the first place:

I wanted to stop the constant checking to see if they had read my latest yet.  I wanted to stop longing for Richard to see the light and apologize so we could be friends again.  I wanted to get off the roller coaster they had sucked me into.  I wanted it all to STOP.

So up go the blockers again.  I’ve seen that they can still get in, and still want to, but I don’t have to make this easy for them.

I see all sorts of hits on my pages every single day, and evidence, from search terms and what people click on and share, that people everywhere are being helped by what I write.  I want to focus on that.

And write about other things, pull myself out of the psychological hell my stalkers put me into, stay out of it and focus on my real, true friends.