Is that long-feared war with Russia on the horizon?

I grew up in the days when the Soviet Union and America still had nukes pointed at each other, when Russkies were the bad guys in all the action and James Bond movies.  We weren’t as freaked out as in the 50s/60s, but it was still part of our consciousness.  I wonder if Millennials have the same underlying dread as the older generations, since the USSR has been defunct about as long as they’ve been alive, and Russia was–for some time–our friend.  Until Putin came into power, anyway.

But now this:

White House announces retaliation against Russia: Sanctions, ejecting diplomats

–and, for more information:

Obama Announces Sanctions Against Russia In Response To Cyberattacks

I got the impression from these articles that even the diplomats were spying on us.  Wordfence also recently posted that the Russians were behind a botnet, though they were accused of politicizing the issue on flimsy evidence.

The thing is, Trump is acting like our intelligence is also giving flimsy evidence–and, with cracks about “moving on,” sounds like an abuser who tells you, “Why don’t you just move on?”

This is the guy who will be–excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth–taking over the reins in a few weeks, and he doesn’t even take seriously all the evidence of Russian espionage on us?

I mean, come on, Congress–and that’s both Republicans and Democrats actually agreeing on something for once–is furious with Russia and supports the sanctions.  Paul Ryan even says that Obama has not done enough.  Yet Trump’s and Russian tweets sound much alike lately.  (For an example, see the Russian Embassy UK’s duck tweet in the CNN article.  It looks like something Trump would tweet.)

I don’t know if Trump is really that stupid, or if he’s in on it.

People say we’ve been in WWIII ever since 9/11.  Yeah, but much of it has either been centered in Iraq or Afghanistan, or been carried out by authorities rooting out terrorists.  Now we’ve got a whole Middle East in turmoil, with ISIS and Syria; Russia spying on and cyberhacking other countries, Russia interfering with our elections and invading other countries, the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador; Europe experiencing terror attacks; Samantha Powers calling out Russia for helping with the civilian bloodbath in Aleppo; ISIS telling “lone wolves” to carry out more attacks all over the world–