Milwaukee Campaign Slashes Teen Birth Rates in Half in Seven Years

And with the cut in birth rates, comes a cut in abortion rates.  See how they did it in Milwaukee teen birthrate drops 50% in 7 years after city efforts: Ambitious prevention initiative started in 2008

At the same time, Milwaukee Public Schools adopted a new human growth and development curriculum based on national standards, which included comprehensive sex education teaching both abstinence and how to use contraception correctly every time…..

National data suggests teens have become less sexually active and more likely to use condoms when they do have sex. MPS high school students can ask a school nurse for a four-pack of condoms.

A federal waiver that was part of welfare reform several years ago also made it easier for Wisconsin teens to get family planning services offered by Medicaid….

As the teen birthrate has declined, the abortion rate for teens under age 18 also has declined in Milwaukee County, according to state statistics.

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Tactics include a website called, with a sex myth quiz.  One of the myths they bust: “oral sex is not really sex.”  Another is that pre-orgasmic seminal fluid has no sperm.  They also have a downloadable toolkit for parents.