Reblog: The Misinformation is Absolutely Stunning–Proposed Housing Ordinances in Fond du Lac

If one needs any further understanding why young people like myself and countless others leave places like Fond du Lac that we largely enjoy, jobs are usually answer number one.

However, reasons like having to deal with closed-minded and outright ignorant people on matters of LGBT equality certainly matter as well.

Hence, why when news that the Fond du Lac City Councilman Dan Manning was forced to pull his proposed housing ordinance barring gender discrimination, I had to shudder.

…And ladies and gentlemen… this is why we can’t ever truly make PROGRESS in society.

It’s closed mindedness like this where people somehow think that sexual predators are going to come out in droves and claim they are LGBT so they can use the opposite sex’s public restrooms.

–The Misinformation is Absolutely Stunning – Proposed Housing Ordinances in Fond du Lac

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