More evidence of Scott Walker’s corruption, and the brain drain of teachers caused by Act 10

From this morning’s Fond du Lac Reporter:

Was Walker behind open records proposal?: This proposal, which caused bipartisan uproar after it was revealed over the 4th of July weekend, may have come from Walker himself.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also came to the same conclusion.

Update 8:24pm: Scott Walker’s office helped draft changes to open records law

Update 7/23/15: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos asked for the change, while Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker were also involved in drafting the language.

Update 7/30/15: Email links Scott Walker to open records changes

As for Act 10:
Fond du Lac educator says staff fleeing district, school officials say otherwise

Teachers on the move

Just remember these things before voting for this guy for President.  His changes in Wisconsin are NOT as wonderful as he tries to make you think on the campaign trail.