More Support of me having the right to go to the church when abused

Comment I found on a thread for a blog which is now defunct:

Teaching that tells us to “let it go” when abused is not scriptural.

We are told to expose the evil, have no fellowship with them, until they repent and if they don’t, follow the steps, then bring it to the church publicly.

Yet at the same time, have a ready heart to forgive.

Teaching that tells us to forgive, as if the abuse never occurred is only enabling the abuser to continue in their sin and actually is the most unloving thing a person can do. –Uriahisaliveandwell

Of course, my stalkers threatened me with legal action if I do this.  Which is absolutely ridiculous, and something that the courts wouldn’t touch even if they tried.

It is biblical and my right of religion and free speech, to do this.  My story is true, and I have written statements from other witnesses, testifying to things I did not see myself.