My Holy Friday Tweets–depression under COVID-19:

My tweets on Holy Friday, April 18:

It’s Holy Friday. I have 3 hours of services today in contemplation of the crucifixion. I just came here to retweet some stuff. The trend column looks scary. Can I skip it today? *sigh*

One of my BFFs from college just posted that she could DIE if people don’t follow stay-at-home orders. One reason why I find the trend column so scary today.  [It was full of bizarre things that suggested backlash in states with stay-at-home orders, along with Trump egging them on and inciting violent revolution.]

Gah, Evers is keeping our numbers down and some idiots want to recall him and protest.

I swear, it feels like some people on Facebook just want to argue with every frickin’ thing I post. I don’t do that to *them.* [The worst part is they seem to be listening to Fox News, so they’re not arguing rationally or with knowledge.]

I’m supposed to be doing the finances but I’ve put it off for hours to go through social media…. Could say it’s laziness, but I think there’s another reason: missing people!

I see I’m not the only one getting crazies on my Facebook posts. Which reminds me I made the right decision unfriending one couple a few years ago….I made a post today and didn’t realize I was stepping into it. One person tried to argue with me, but other people argued back.

Disturbed to see how, even in the middle of a pandemic with people’s relatives & friends dying, still so many people think it’s overblown. One called CDC “propaganda.” His wife made bizarre comment about being forced to take vaccine. Sounds like Richard during the swine flu.

This couple’s arguments on other friends’ posts confirm my impression that they are just as bad as Richard and Tracy politically. Sad, though, because I thought they were decent people in college, especially him. Another person who keeps arguing with me–I thought she was a Dem!

Meanwhile, I hear about cases surging in counties where exes live…and keep wondering if they’re okay…Even though they mentally abused me, I still care.

Have slipped into a deep funk last couple of days. Still sleep/eat/etc., but unhappy. Social media usually should help, but not today because everybody else is in funk. Nobody’s okay.

Watching Holy Week services in my church. Homey–but also depressing because the church is empty except for people doing the services. Made me homesick. My BFFs are there watching but not next to me.

This kind of reminds me of 2010 after we broke off friendship with Richard/Tracy, how lonely I was. I struggled making friends in this town–which is a common problem–so I had nobody for a while. Kept trying but struggling. Now I have friends, clubs–and can’t go there.

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