My Husband, Marvin the Paranoid Android

For example, tonight’s exchange:

Me: “We’ve come so far.  In 1965 [watching an episode of Donna Reed about her rebelling against being “just a housewife”], it was assumed women would get married and be housewives rather than anthropologists etc.”

Hubby: “Yes, but now men’s wages don’t go as far, so women have to work.  But then, I’m just negative.”

Me: “The sky is blue!”

Hubby: “It’s dark when I get out of work, so that’s all I see.  And it will be that way for the next six months!”

Me: “Six months?  We’re almost to the solstice!  The sun will start coming up sooner and going down later.”

Hubby: “Already?  So I’ll get old and die very soon!”