Northerners defending the Confederate flag in my Facebook newsfeed?

Has this country gone MAD?  Since when do Northerners defend the Confederate flag?  That’s treason in my book.

That symbol of a rebellion based on defending slavery, certainly has no place on government buildings.  We’re supposed to be one country.  That flag symbolizes both a racist evil fight by many states to hold onto the slavery of thousands of suffering people, AND treason.

It’s the same as the swastika, only it’s against blacks instead of Jews.

And it ALWAYS HAS BEEN.  This is nothing new.

So take it off the state government buildings.  Individuals can still have their Confederate flags if they want: That’s free expression.

But if you display one, it also tells me to stay away from you because you’re probably in the KKK or Aryan Brotherhood or one of the other variants.

Unless you’re the Duke boys.  They’re allowed, but then, they’re fictional characters.

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY.  This is nothing new.

I felt this way in 1980.  I felt this way in 1990.  And 2000.  And 2010.  And in 2015.  No change based on “turning liberal.”

I was shocked to discover in the past few weeks that Southern states would even display that flag on government buildings.  I thought they stopped doing that in 1865.

Germans have ancestors who died under the Nazi flag, just as the Southern soldiers died under the Confederate flag.  But you don’t see modern Germany putting Nazi flags on their government buildings, or the people celebrating the Nazi flag.  On the contrary, it’s banned.

And seeing my newsfeed fill with NORTHERNERS on the warpath against the treasonous flag being removed from state buildings–It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Speaking of cultural appropriation by a conquering people…. LOL

It makes me wonder if extremist pundits are stirring people up to fight the bad fight yet again.  I don’t listen to extremist pundits, you see.

It makes me wonder if I have people on my Facebook who are actually racists, but I never knew.  If people on my Facebook are okay with the enslavement of so many in the early centuries of our nation.

But then, we DO have white supremacists even around Fond du Lac, which is about as Northern as you can get.  I’ve seen their letters to the newspaper and ripped their posters off telephone poles.

Next you’ll see Northerners wearing white hoods and goose-stepping just to spite the libruls.